Borderlands 3 update - is it enough?

I do appreciate the update but i feel like there’s really important issues left unaddressed. Here we go;

1# no doubt one of the most annoying things that can happen in sanctuary is that sometimes there will be a NPC (or multiple) blocking doorways/stairs etc.
I recall having to wait 15 minutes to be able to go in my room and use the bank.
When i was done, the NPC was blocking the doorway AGAIN.

2# Also a major annoyance to most is not being able to skip cinematics! I mean come on, what’s the point if you’ve already seen the cinematics multiple times? I feel like after the 1st time watching the cinematics and completing the game on normal, we should be allowed to skip cinematics.
It’s stopping many people from creating more characters and getting them trough the story.

#3 VIP rewards. I myself spent HOURS trying to get enough points to buy crappy level 10 weapons just so i could get the legendary maliwan weapon (after 8 weapon purchases).
I got it the next day, and it was level 12!
Needless to say i was pissed off since i was level 50 and i assumed the legendary weapon would be level 50 as there was no additional information about the legendary.
I understand the choice of having pre order gear as level 10, but finding out that the deluxe gear was low level as well just left me dissapointed… and now this? Ugh…

#4 exploits. Such as the invulnerability glitch, duping, getting massive experience with the offline glitch… this results in people getting bored because they reach end game really quickly without almost any effort.
I dont think i have a single friend in my friend list who didn’t get boosted or get duped gear.

#5 you can boost the stats on Moze’s Bear suit all you want, but it’s not gonna do anything for anyone if you can still glitch moze into 1 shotting everything.
I also feel like Zane could use a damage boosts, and Fl4k’s 45 second cooldown isn’t appealing for a whole lot of people.

There’s more, but it involves spoilers so i’ll leave that down below.
If you got something to add, say what you want but please be polite.
When i got the legendary VIP maliwan gun i wanted to warn people about it, and instead of being grateful for the info, all i got was spit in the face; people telling me it’s my own fault, it’s free, disagreeing with me just for the sake of having a disagreement, some people blatently laughing at me… terrible.

Now, if you dont want any spoilers, look away!

#6 This is simply about bad writing, there’s just no other way of putting it;
After killing the rampager and coming back out of the vault, the cinematic kicks in (we all know what happens to M).
What i absolutely can not stand is that all that nasty business plays out right in front of you…
Where is the vault hunter?? I feel like i’m cowering behind a corner waiting for the bad guys to leave; a terrible decision.
It would be much better if that cinematic starts playing the moment you enter the portal to the vault so you gonna have to grab whatever’s in there and feel some pressure to get back to your friends ASAP.

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