Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter Cosplay Guides and Cosplay Tour!

Download the official Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter cosplay guides here and read on for information on the Borderlands 3 Cosplay Tour.

Wondering how many fingers Zane’s gloves have or what color Moze’s shoulder pad is? Want to make sure you get FL4K’s patches and pins or Amara’s belt bag and bandages just right? We got you.

If you’re a cosplayer looking to recreate a Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter’s outfit and accessories, the reference kits released today should prove useful. The full kits, which include the images posted below and many more, are now available from the media downloads section on

To celebrate you, the incredible Borderlands community, we’ll be kicking off the Borderlands 3 Cosplay Tour at E3 in Los Angeles on June 11 and attending other events across the globe in the coming months. We’re excited to see your cosplay creations, and ready to help you show them off with a unique photo experience that drops you into the middle of beautiful Borderlands 3 locations.

No cosplay? No problem! We’ll have a selection of insane prop weapons on hand for you to wield, an onsite face painter ready to handsome you up in the iconic Borderlands art style, and you might even get to walk away with some loot!

Look for more information on the Borderlands 3 Cosplay Tour schedule and more cosplay guides in the coming weeks!


Fl4k actually has 4 fingers but wear regular human gloves. Nice little detail.

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Iron Bear looks freaking badass

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Flaks Class Mods are the cutest :heart_eyes:


Dont wish to be that guy, but you have spelling mistake in FL4Ks detail. Second sentence “While they feel an connection with the primal wisdom of animals…”

other than that, always love seeing the detail look of the hunters

I DEMAND Fl4k’s classmods be made real and for sale IMMEDIATELY! pretty pleeeease?

Seriously though, they’re amazing. I wish I was able to make good cosplay costumes. I’d love to do a Fl4k or Zane cosplay.


These are so incredibly helpful for cosplaying, we rarely get this level of detail without doing some hardcore searching for concept art and such.

I was curious if one of the planned future cosplay guides would be Tyreen Calypso. I’ve already started work on my cosplay for her but to be honest there is very little in the way of still shots of her or full body shots so my work has been slow going. It would be amazing if this was one of the planned ones because I could finally see what the back of her jacket looks like and what her outfit looks like with it off so I can properly sew the top. Also I don’t even know what she has on her feet!

Thanks so much for these and I’d be ecstatic to see a Tyreen sheet later!

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I’m not a cos-player but I want to make/see made FL4K’s class mods in real life. I bet gearbox could make a good buck selling some of them on their store.


We are really looking forward to the release of the 3rd borderland and we want to make cosplay in the summer so that everything is ready for the game.
My favorite character is Maya and I made her from the second part, but now I want to manage to make 3 of them, but you can’t see the legs and the cloak from the back.
Can I see them before the release of 3 parts?
Maybe there is an opportunity to send a view from the back?

I love the fact that Gearbox has given us proper guides for cosplaying and such, this is too cool :slight_smile:

I 100% agree! I love the additional details we get for a character backstory as well.