Borderlands 3 VIP Issues

Wasn’t sure where to send an email or get the word out but I would love to resolve an issue I’ve been having. When trying to access my VIP rewards, My profile doesn’t show my Points Balance, Reward History, or Completed Activities. I have the headers for all three but nothing under them. On top of that, when viewing the points redemption pages I can see the headers and click links but I can’t actually see any guns or items to redeem with my points. I also preordered the game through Epic Games and can’t progress through the steps to collect my preorder rewards. Please help! I really want to be able to interact with this awesome VIP experience and it sucks that I can’t redeem point codes, purchase rewards, or confirm my pre-order.

Turn off ad-block.

Thought this would work, but no dice! It was working fine just a few days ago and I haven’t changed my settings since.

Oh. I opened it in a new browser and it started working. For some reason it doesn’t like Chrome? I could have sworn it worked before but maybe I was using Edge. Got there in the end. Thanks for your help!

Hi i have also some problem with the VIP system, i already bought 8 “products” by VIP points but i did not get the bonus legendary weapon for Borderlands 3, i stuck on 4 mark and when i now bought 4 head skins it did not count. I am asking if there is some support.

I think the things you have to redeem points for have to be gear, not cosmetics? I’ve seen that mentioned in a few posts elsewhere, at least. Sorry I can’t be more specific - I didn’t actually sign up for the rewards program.

ok thanks i never heard of it, but when i bought wallpaper on phone it worked and game me point to it, so i was just suprised that it do not count for this :slight_smile:

Well, maybe next time try to read the rules :slight_smile:

Claim at least eight VIP reward weapons to unlock a special Legendary Maliwan gun for Borderlands 3.

Regarding wallpaper i highly doubt it. If you have four marks, I guess three of them are from Weaponizer, and one from Early Adopter Pack.

Hmm, why?

Because REASONS!