Borderlands 3 VIP Pre-Order Bonus NOT appearing (PC)

Hey there. Not sure if this really belongs on the tech page, but since it’s an out-of-game issue with Shift and not actually in-game per se, I thought I’d throw it here since most people will see and be able to assist me.
So I pre-ordered Borderlands 3 a few days before release, having waited for reviews, but I haven’t been able to claim the Early Adopter Pack, or so I think…
I’ll be honest, when I saw the mails (on the social page) I just accepted all. But what leads me to think I didn’t get it, is that I have the same number of golden keys as my friend who only bought the game like 2 days ago. We have punched in the same Shift keys. But if I actually did get the 5 keys for pre-ordering, I should have more than him. Simple, right?

Anyone else with this problem?

TL;DR Is there a known issue with pre-order keys not appearing?

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Same with me for PS4. Everything is linked, I’ve redeemed points for weapons and received them in game but still no pre-order bonus appearing. Got the email reminding me to redeem by the 27th, been playing every day…nothing.