Borderlands 3 Wallpapers by MentalMars

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Hi Everyone, it seems that the “highly anticipated game of one of 2K Games biggest franchises” finally got announced. Of course I’m talking about Borderlands 3. I have been making these wallpapers for the community for a while and now that the game is officially announced I hope you can enjoy them.

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Borderlands 3 Omen Wallpaper

Badlands Wallpaper

BL3 Halloween Wallpaper

Embrace the Flame

Borderlands 3 “Bloodshot” Wallpaper

Borderlands 3 “Shadows of the Past” Wallpaper

Borderlands 3 “StarGate” Wallpaper

Borderlworlds Wallpaper

Borderlands 3 “Pandora’s Portal” Wallpaper

Box art wallpaper
Am I wrong to think BL3 is coming fall 2018?
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I needed a good fix of that sweet sweet hype.

Time to change the ol’ wallpaper.

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Hey Guys, I Made another Borderlands 3 Wallpaper :slight_smile:

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With the announcement of the new super smash bros game for Nintendo Switch I made this Meme. Instead of the inkling seeing the Smash Bros logo i changed it to my own made BL3 logo.

However I started liking this quick thingy, so I made a wallpaper of it.

You can find the desktop and mobile versions up on my website.

Reminder this is FANART

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I made this “Badlands 3 Wallpaper” wallpaper a little while ago but forgot to post it here. I created a new BL3 logo which turned out really well. The background scene is from the Borderlands tech demo that Randy Pitchford showed off in 2017 at GDC. I actually combined 2 of the landscaped into 1 scenery. I hope you like them, enjoy!

Reminder this is FANART

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I really should see if I can set that wallpaper as the desktop on my XB1… Not entirely sure if other people can see it, but you can also set wallpaper for a club you admin within XBL. That would be an interesting use of FANART! (I’ll figure out a full expansion later, but the T is obviously for ‘troll’!)

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You have a nice designing skill, I love the bloodshot and the flame ones (they’re so metal). But the past and pre-sequel looking ones are nice too. Heh, I have a hard time choosing…

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Download them all and set them on rotation :wink:

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Happy New Year Badass !

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Hey, Let’s start off 2019 with a new Borderlands 3 Wallpaper that I made! I’m really digging it, let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Reminder this is FANART

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Still keeping up the good work I see!

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Yup, I’m still here and still making wallpapers :slight_smile:
I first started making Borderlands wallpapers back in Febr. 2012.
The feedback was awesome right from the start. This “little project” has brought a lot of joy to the community and myself. I’m not giving that up, I will be here when Borderlands 4 releases :metal:

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hey ho. I know it must suck getting hundrets of ideas or wishes by some randos but heres mine :crazy_face:
Could you just do something cool with the text:

“Now is not the time for bickering, Vault Hunters. War is coming. And you will need all the Vault Hunters you can get.”

Because while looking forward to Borderlands 3, those words always come to my mind since the ending of The Pre-Sequel left us there with this kinda cliffhanger.

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Check out Joey’s Artstation :wink:

(Ben deLux) #16

Holy ■■■■ yea that’s so awesome :smiley:
Thanks bud, doing a really great job. Mr. Pitchford should check that out. he would be so proud ^^

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I really like these wallpapers, MentalMars. I might snag a few of them. Great work.


Is there a way to get them ad-free?

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Is there a way you can support creators without ads?