Borderlands 3 Weapon appearance customization

As I mentioned elsewhere, the pre-orders contain a huge hint that all (or almost all) weapons can have customized appearances. Maybe that’s where Gearbox expects to make micro transaction money.

The pre-orders mention three things specifically;

  • Contains a gold weapon trinket and gold weapon skins that are applicable to all guns in the game.
  • Butt Stallion weapon skin
  • Butt Stallion weapon trinket
    So it looks like we can re–skin guns.
    The trinket is interesting. My mind immediately thinks you can get or buy little dangly things you can hang off your stock or gun barrel. Again, I bet we’ll be paying for those.
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Skins are interesting, but what really interests me are the “trinkets”. To me, that sounds something akin to like a class mod, except instead for your skill tree, it is for your weapon of choice. Maybe like +10% accuracy, or +10% rate of fire etc.

It seems like combined with this and the fact that skill trees are going to be more complicated, it sounds like you make a very in-depth build if you so choose.

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What I’m hoping the trinkets are: keychains for your gun. Got a sick, pump-action Jacobs? Attach a Buttstalion plushie at the end and watch it dance as you blast holes in enemy heads.


So basically just another cosmetic item? Can’t say I’d want that over something that lets you customise gun stats. To be honest, I doubt I will ever use gun skins myself, I like the look of all the default gun skins shown so far.

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On the BL3 twitter feed there was apostle’s about the preorder golden skins, and it contained this phrase
bling out your favorite gun with a handy gold trinket!
Which says to me that a trinket is Jordangold’s keychain like thing, a plushy dangle for your guns.
Edit: Though now that I think about it (obsess about it) a little more, they use the phrase handy trinket. Handy means it may have value outside of pure cosmetics.

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When it comes to gun skins, i’m really not interested at all. I stayed away from luneshine weapons in TPS because i didn’t like that they all looked the same. I want the gun to look like what it’s supposed to look like. That being said, if we could use any rarity skin on any gun in the same family that would be cool. As for trinkets, if they are the keychain thingies… YES PLEASE!

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It doesn’t seem that way at all. Just some pre-order bonuses, just like the last couple BL games.

A trinket could be anything from a bauble to tack on the gun for looks, a visual particle effect (flames/ smoke/etc) or anything in-between.

I imagine they’ll be similar to relics/oz kits.

Man… this is all I have been thinking about for the last hour now. I have purposely not looked into our precious Borderlands 3 because of unfair journalism and I dont want to obsess. I guess I’m obsessing now. I’m blaming you @RavenOfArisia. Thanks a lot :wink:

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