Borderlands 3: What email address does gearbox use to send the email codes?

I suspect i might have accidentally blocked some email address that would send me the email codes for the VIP program. Problem is, i don’t know what the address is called, so i can’t unblock it. Anyone know under what address gearbox sends these messages?

I don‘t think it has something to do with a blocked address. I‘m also not getting the emails with codes and judging by reddit we are not the only ones to never received a single mail.

Sorry that I couldn‘t help you.

Still, i would like to know what the address is, so i know if that is the problem or not.

Apparently i didn’t block it. Got an email today. For those wondering (mostly since i can’t find this information anywhere) the address you get these emails from is

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@Damage_Inc So you got one of the mails with a VIP code in it?

Was it in your spam or junk folder? Because I still haven’t received one :cry:

Im getting the email code in my inbox. However, the notifications for forum posts is ending up in my junk folder.

Your email program must have some way of marking mail as not junk…that should sort things out.