Borderlands 3-What I Want

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Borderlands is a game I can keep coming back to. Borderlands, I don’t know where to start. It was a really good game. Now I loved Borderlands 2 WAY more. I could talk for hours about it. In my opinion it was amazing. The Pre-Sequal, that was were I was at the point to say "They copied BL2, but took a year to change guns, story, and other stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I thought TPS was a decent game. It could have been way better. That’s why I want to make sure BL3 doesn’t go down the wrong path. This is my list on stuff I could see or want to see come to BL3. I will edit this as soon as I get new ideas.

  • Weapon Proficency-I could see badass rank and weapon proficency running together obviously their might have to be some changes
  • Badass Rank-It’s a must. I love the little extra “reward” in getting tiny boosts to help the grinding
  • Weapons-Its Gearbox, if they don’t have a variety of weapons I will be disappointed
  • Weapon Customization-Attachments, camos, and a lot of other fun stuff to spice the game play even more
  • Replay-ability-I want to farm bosses instead of killing only one boss to get three legendaries to grind them
  • Supply Drops-It’s not what you thinks i’m saying. I want them for camos or other cosmetics. I could care less if you can pay for them or not

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