Borderlands 3 what is the best skill tree to start with for each character

The release of the game is almost here and I am so hyped but have you guys thought which skill tree you want to start of first for your main character that you choose? If you have not then do take a look at the video below that will help you choose the correct skill tree for either fl4k, zane, amara or moze. Now if you already know then let’s help those who do not know. Also, let me know which character and which skill tree you will start with. Thanks

Borderlands 3 what is the best skill tree to start with for each character

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I’ll be starting with Fl4k and the Stalker tree. With that build, I’ll be mixing in a fair amount of Hunter and just a few points in Master for the Cooldown.

When I play Moze, I’ll be getting all of the Demolition Woman tree. Where the last 8 points will go I haven’t decided for sure.

With Amara I’m focused on the Brawl tree, with a handful of points in both of the other trees.

I don’t know what I want to do with Zane. His barrier Action Skill is the one I dislike least, so I might focus on that tree. I’ll certainly be trying to avoid kill skills.

I think this is totally subjective, plus, in normal mode, you can’t really go wrong anyway.
I will start with Amara’s blue tree, because the weapon swap speed and charge-speed increase mitigates niggles I have with the gunplay, and the capstone is great. Rush stack stuff also seems interesting.

With Moze I’m doing Bottomless mags. Never reloading or worry about ammo is also fun.

With Fl4k, probably the blue tree, to buff fade away. Seems bonkers, but if its cooldown is too long, I might respec into Rakk stuff.

With Zane I might go down the red and blue tree simultaneously for a bit. The blue tree has the best weapons swap skill in the game, fun stuff like damage scaling with speed, and eventually I’ll want the capstone to trigger kill skills, but the red tree has all the stuff with grenades which is probably a good idea to have if you use two action skills.

In BL games, I like to address health bar maintenance and gun damage early in the leveling process. It tends to smooth out the journey a little. To that end, I’ll probably go Synchronicity -> Donnybrook -> Quick Breather to start. That gives two sources of gun damage, one source of health regen, two shield regen (counting Schadenfreude), and the cryo nova from Binary System. That’s a lot of useful stuff in the early going. After that, I’ll put 11 into the Under Cover tree, to reduce cooldown and get access to Nanites or Some ■■■■■. More health regen, beefier shield, damage reduction, more gun damage. Not a bad array of benefits by level 24.