Borderlands 3 will not launch [PC]

I have played this game for almost 48hrs. PC restarted for an update and now I see the game in my library, but it tells me to buy the game again. I have seen people with the same issue uninstall the game and lose it entirely. So how can I fix this without uninstalling and reinstalling?


I have tried reinstalling the launcher and that did not fix it.

Now that I have uninstalled the launcher and reinstalled it I cannot access my game. It now says that I do not have an active status key. I cannot also go in and reinstall the game. Sooo… 50+$ down the drain as well?


This is Epic Games showing I own this product, but it no longer is in my library.

i have had the same thing happen to me today, i have 60+ hours in this game, turned my computer on this morning only to get that error, tried reintstalling epic launcher which didnt fix it, uninstalled the game to try to reinstall it and now its saying i dont own it, this is so disappointing and needs to be fixed asap because i am not going to purchase it again and start from the beginning after i have put so many hours into it.

if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this please post them, i contacted 2k games hoping they might be able to help but nothing so far.