Borderlands 3 Wish List

Here are a few things I would love to see in Borderlands 3.

  1. Increased Backpack and Bank Capacity. Not enough has been shown as to how this is being handled in the new game. There are so many weapons, shields, and other gear in the game, that limiting your carry capacity just hinders the player. It would be cool if you could reasonably have 100+ Backpack storage and the bank or your crew quarters on Sanctuary 3 allow you to store hundreds of items.

  2. Improved Fast Travel / Save / Respawn Locations. There are some locations in BL2 and even BL1 that could have benefited from better/more Fast Travel / Save / Respawn Locations. I just hope in BL3 this has been addressed. There were some areas in the previous games where the locations would be too far apart. You would end up getting downed and end up having to respawn. Then because the enemy haven’t respawned yet you would have a long slog running back to where you died before encountering any enemies. Or the enemy would have respawned again and for some reason seem tougher than the previous run through.

  3. More Tiny Tina. I really hope she has a large part in the new game. She is probably the best NPC of the entire series. Would love to see another D&D style DLC with her running the game again.

  4. Achievement/Trophy Tracking. This is a general gripe I have with all games. Please make sure achievement/trophy tracking works when the game ships. By this I mean if an achievement requires you to kill X number of something, have the tracking actually show the progress you have completed towards the achievement. And if at all possible, go back and fix this in previous games.

  5. TVHM / UVHM Modes and XP Increased. One thing that I hate with the play through modes is the XP gain sucks. I just started a character in UVHM on a level 50 character. I haven’t found any new loot or had a chance to upgrade my current loot yet. And encountering enemies takes tons of ammo even if they are slagged first. And I finally take them down and the XP notification pops on screen and it was a whopping 5 to 20 XP…come on. At least make killing enemies on UVHM mode worth the time and effort. Or at the very least make each kill drop loot instead of just cash/ammo/health.

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