Borderlands 3 won't start

so earlier today my game crashed, this was after 15 hours of somewhat around 45-60ish frames per second but after the restart i was getting at max 10 fps on the main menu so i did some things like graphic settings to the absolute lowest, and the game started crashing when i went to start it, i watched some videos and some said it might be the direct 12 thing, so i went to my config.ini file but it was blank, so i thought that was it re verified the game and that didnt work so i updated my graphics driver and did a complete reinstall but the game still wont start, it always crashes after the rectangle with the 4 vh’s with the revert to default settings.

does anyone have any advice on what to do? cuz i really want to play borderlands 3 but i cant get the game started at all

i seem to have found a fix,

i use nvidia and when i updated my driver to the most recent version from 2 days ago, so i went baack to like 2 weeks ago and that grapic driver version works fine

Which card and driver is working for you?

I use an nvidia geforce gtx 1050 and i updated to the 436.30 version of my graphic plug in which caused the game to crash every time, so i lowered the version to 431.60 and that started to work