Borderlands 3 xbox lag/freezing issues

Anyone know why this game is still lagging like crazy 50 percent of the time? My internet is fine and sometimes the game runs no problem but about half the time its lagging so bad its unplayable. Really tired of this

XB1X or original XB1? Video lag or input lag?

It has been a bit more laggy since the patch for me as well and I have been getting a took to long to load error when I boot into the game the first time. Im on an original XB1. I have noticed when the game has some seriously unbearable lag is when they are ninja patching the game.

Also on original XB1 and, other then when I leave the game running all day (between sessions) it’s been fine. How often do you shutdown/reboot your console?

I’ve seen no evidence of ninja patching on XB1 - only the announced updates.

I’m on original XB1 and it’s the video that’s lagging. I play a ton of online shooters and this is the only one that does this. It sucks because I want to get on and grab this event loot but its painful to try and fight tho the lagging

Like the one where they got rid of the cistern red chest glitch. It happens about once a month seems to be on Tuesdays and around 6pm CST. But yea the game is not optimized well for console.

Mostly I don’t see that happening on mine, but then it’s quite rare for me to play for more than a 2-hour stretch. Saturday, I had the game running most of the day. I still took breaks every couple of hours, but I’d leave the game either paused or quit the session out to the main menu. Things got pretty bad about 2/3rds of the way through the day - I seriously thought the game was going to hard crash at one point - so I bit the bullet, quit the game completely, then went to make a cup of tea while it restarted. So yeah, looks like the game/system cache might be getting clobbered on longer sessions. Have you tried doing the power reset to clear the system cache? The game also seems to need that periodically.

I have, it doesnt seem to help much. Played last night and it worked perfectly. I cant seem to figure out what’s causing my issues but it would be nice to have a bit more reliability on knowing when I’ll be able to play.

I have the same problem but nobody solves anything, the biggest problem is in wotan, even rejoining does not solve anything simply there is no loot, is there any way to contact support directly or have someone real resolve the doubts