Borderlands 3 (Xbox One) Player list

Gamertag: HydraulicAsp21
Timezone: EST
Frequent online times (in local timezones): Randomly Throughout the day, Just send a message, I’m always up to game.
Mic: Yes
Game/DLC version: Super Deluxe
What you want online for (Boss fights, playthroughs, messing about, farming etc): Farming, Meeting new people, Takedown, Slaughters and Trials

Other Info: Older Adult here, love telling no so clean jokes.


Gamertag ; DeadpoolTRD
Time Zone ; EST
Frequent online times (in local timezones) ; 3pm-8pm
Mic ; YES
Game/DLC version ; Super Deluxe
What you want online for (Boss fights, playthroughs, messing about, farming etc) ; All aspects
Other information* - ; send me an invite ill help ya out as well

I keep adding people but never get an invite…

Gamertag: CrazyCanuck1085
Online: 10am - 10pm PST
Mic: Yes
Have Deluxe Pre-Order copy and DLC
I am looking for people to play with so addme and let’s play

Gamertag: Los Serpientes
Online: 9:00 pm - 1:00 am Eastern time (not every night but probably 4/5 nights per week)
Mic: Yes if needed but don’t use it often
Game version: Super Deluxe
What you want online for: Just playing with chill people; I like the Takedown, Trials, Slaughter Shaft, etc.

I play Mayhem 4 only; main Fl4k but also have max level Amara and Zane and play them occasionally. I am in my 40s so I am not really looking to play with folks under 25 or so. Willing to share gear and/or help farm. Just send me a message and I will be glad to add you and play.

Gamertag ; Doompigeon11
Time Zone ; EST
Mic ; Yes (rarely use it)
Game/DLC version ; Basic
Other information Just beat on vault hunter mode. At level 57 Beastmaster…

Gamertag: Swan
Online times: Almost around the clock now due to coronachan
Mic: Yes
What you want online for (Boss fights, playthroughs, messing about, farming etc) ; Farming, messing about, achievements and boss fights.

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Gamertag: terror toby25
Online: most evenings at 8pm and during the day on weekends
Timezone: GMT live in England
Mic: yes
Game: basic
What you want online for: chilling bossing, farming or messing about
Reply here or send me a message on xbox
Cheers peeps :slight_smile:

GT : Cursed7
Online : 8-10pm usually
Timezone : UK (live in Dubai actually but playing with Europe zone most of the time)
Mic: Possible but don’t use it in this game usually
Game: Super Deluxe
Purpose : Avoid the terrible matchmaking and find a group of people to farm, do takedowns, slaughters etc. I play Amara on TVHM M4, usually with a Phasezerker mod. I have Zane @ lvl32 but took a break from leveling him up to get my Amara ready for Mayhem 2.0

Time Zone:EST
GT: TinyDemon90
Level 50 Siren. Love Amara!
I’m typically online all day due to Roni Rona shutting down the planet.

Mic:Yes Yes

Looking to Level up & Boss out. Farm. Raid. & hopefully make some gamer friends.
Anybody 21+ add me asap!!!:blush:

Gamertag ; banksymustdie
Time Zone ; Atlantic
Online ; could be online anytime between the hours listed below.
Weekdays - 8pm-12am atlantic time
Weekends - 8am-2am atlantic time
Mic ; Yes
Game/DLC version (Basic, Deluxe, Super Deluxe) ; Basic with season pass
What you want online for (Boss fights, farming etc) ; Boss fights, Raid, Farming, Playthroughs, Fast leveling
Other information* - ; 21+ only please. no squeakers. fun only.

Is anyone playing chapter 21 or 22 I need to join someone’s game to bypass a glitch when my game crashed. I play on Xbox one

Do you have any characters ready to play chapter 22.

Do you have any characters at chapter 22 the final boss fight I need
to join someone.

I do, but I will not be off for another 4 hours. Shoot me a message on here later tonight and I will pop on.

Awesome I have to work but can be on anytime after 6 est. I will have to join you if okay to get past the glitch I think.
Thank you
My gamertag is noweaponforgedd

Yes 2dd’s

I can be ready when you are just got off work

Just farming the mongol for my wife. Be ready soon

No prop