Borderlands 3 Zombie Mode?

Will Borderlands 3 have a Zombie mode or add-on map/pack???


We’ve got no information on the DLC yet, they did have Zombie Island in the first one and TK’s Bloody Harvest so there is a trend of zombie DLC.

However I hope not because Zombies in games are a classic case of beating a dead horse. I’d happily see no zombies, or a very, very limited amount for Easter Egg purposes only.

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Zombie mode is still a thing?

Oh please no! Way too many zombie modes as it is; let’s have something new!

Please God no.

Why not werewolves?


Look for it around October 2020. They always do a zombie style DLC for Halloween.

Unless they’re already building them before the game even launches we probably wont start seeing holiday themed DLC’s until next year. Or are we asking for Gearbox to add the zombie mode from the CoD games?

I assume you’re a Call of Duty player who wants a “horde mode” kind of thing.

All the borderlands games do tend to at least have arenas with waves and waves of monsters to take on.

Or you simply like zombies. IF so then yea there was a zombie dlc in BL1 as mentioned above.

edit: ah yes, and there was a Halloween thingy for BL2.

I love the braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains,mission at Jakob’s clove,I just wish for one,in Borderlands 3. Will Be Awesome

A “Horde Mode” is something I’m totally chill with. They had the arenas in BL2 (and TPS) so I wouldn’t be opposed to an actual game mode where you could group with people specifically doing that. However, CoD this ain’t, so please keep it out of this beloved franchise which does not need more eight year olds screaming how I cheated and that they “did my mom” the other night.

That audience you mention is who they’re trying to bring into the franchise through the EGS from fortnite… >.>

Expanded, larger, and more hectic PvE Arenas would be something I can get into. Hence in say Destiny 2 I enjoy Gambit more than the other modes of the game. And in that case the AI enemies are usually more dangerous than the players on the other team. Moxxi’s Underdome in BL1 was loads of fun and I recall myself and friends having a long period of enjoyment from it during LAN parties. (spastic hyperactive king weewee on steroids anyone?) The boss at the end kind of felt like a missing element from the circles of slaughter in BL2 and TPS.

I stopped playing COD because of all the zombie crap they put into the games. The Zombie Island and TK’s Bloddy Harvest dlcs had a story line and were fun to play, but then I really like the Borderlands franchise better than those “other” games