Borderlands 4 Character Preference

After switching up the playable character formula from BL2 to BL3 drastically, I was wondering what the community would rather have in terms of playable characters for a potential Borderlands 4. Would you rather the Borderlands 2 style, with anywhere between 6-8 vault hunters, 3 skill tress per vault hunter, and a single action skill per vault hunter? Or would you rather have the Borderlands 3 style with only 4 base vault hunters that have multiple action skills and continually expand throughout the games life cycle? Just added in a poll so feel free to vote down below!

BL4 Vault Hunter Preference
  • Borderlands 2 Style - 6-8 Playable Vault Hunters, 1 Action Skill Per Vault Hunter, and 3 Skill Trees Per Vault Hunter
  • Borderlands 3 Style - 4 Playable Vault Hunters, 4-5 Action Skills Per Vault Hunter, and 4-5 Skill Trees Per Vault Hunter

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4 well rounded but instinsically unique classes is fine.


My answer is yes.

Both please. 6 to 8 vault hunters, multiple action skills, and expanded skill trees.

I mean, why not?


The game takes a turn for the worse and is a arduous grind to get to max level that is no fun. I was fine doing 8 playthroughs to max all characters. 12-16… nope.


This is the way.


4 vault hunters is fine, but I don’t like 4 action skills.

I’d like multiple abilities, but 1 action skill. I think trying to fill in a quota of at least 4 has made them repetitive/too general that they’re starting to be each other. Trap is just worse phaselock, Mantis is essentially better r4kk. It also means you have to make 4 skill trees that work around all 4 action skills, which makes for some pretty boring and generic stat increase skills. Not a fan of the decision to make them generalists, if they want to go that route just go with a classless system (I doubt it would be for me though).

I’d much rather them have 1 action skill they can modify heavily depending on the tree, a great example is Jack in TPS. Quality over quantity.


My vote is the BL2 style. Too many AS waters down the uniqueness of each character and undercuts the immersion in the story and milieu (IMO, of course). More characters provide more unique playing experiences while allowing for diverse playstyle; the best of both worlds (again, IMO).

Any chance you could create an actual poll with the two choices? :smiley:


I think the action skill and skill tree design in BL3 leaves a lot to be desired. The best example I can give is comparing Zane’s Under Cover tree with Athena’s Phalanx skill tree. Aspis and Barrier are functionally the same action skill, yet Athena’s is expanded upon in a much more meaningful way than Zane’s.

In Borderlands 1, 2, and TPS, the action skill served as the foundation for the character, which was then expanded upon in three different ways. The decision to add multiple action skills in BL3 without a significant overhaul of the skill tree design led to an overall lack of focus (like Moze’s Iron Bear passives being scattered across all four of her skill trees instead of being consolidated into one IB-centric skill tree), action skills having little to no bearing on the skill tree they’re associated with (looking at you, phasecast), and action skills that were just straight up copy/pasted from previous games because they ran out of ideas (phasegrasp and literally all of Zane’s action skills).

The biggest problem is the fact that the vast majority of passives in BL3 are little more than generic stat buffs. I understand why they were designed this way: GBX needed to make sure that your skill tree would stay relevant regardless of what action skill you picked. Unfortunately, this also means that the BL3 vault hunters play more or less the same.

Personally, I think they should either go back to having only one AS per vault hunter, or rework the skill trees from the ground up to better support having multiple action skills per character.


I d like 3 skills trees and a lot of Vault hunters, having 3 actions skills is nice no need to go back.

Borderlands 2 and TPS had the most replayability by a country mile.

And a huge part of that was the larger rosters.


Full stop.

Anyone who says otherwise has drunk the Kool-AIDS.

< sic >



Capstones and Midmarks were for all intents and purposes new Action Skills in BL2.

Separate Action Skills somehow only make the gameplay less varied, the way that BL3 did it.


BL2 is the pinnacle of the series, so please GBX re-look at that formula.


Given that in BL2 you had to have 3 playthroughs to get to the max level, don’t you think at least some of that replayability was forced on you?

I love the fact that in BL3 I can get to max level by playing content ONCE. Makes it much easier to have multiple characters, at least for me - I have at least a dozen so far.


3 play throughs each with 6 unique and identifiable playable characters. That sounds like it adds a lot more longevity wise than BL3 where people only ever do a single play through per character and there are only 4 characters. I never felt forced playing through the BL2 story as I found it quite enjoyable. Quite the opposite in comparison to BL3 where I struggle to make it through the story once.


My two cents:

For me, the ability to re-play the main storyline and DLC’s was an integral part of the endgame experience. For me, maxing out level was always more of a goal-in-progress rather than a desirable end state. I am all about narrative, immersion and progression when I play games. BL2 was great at that.

And to be clear, when I say the ability to re-play I do not mean mechanically. I mean that the main story and DLC’s were a pleasure to play through due to solid storytelling, humor, etc. BL3 seems to have sacrificed much of that in favor of mechanics and maxing out quickly. In my personal opinion, that was a huge mistake. The strong narrative elements were what made the original games so fun to play. So in that sense, BL2 having three different levels of game play, for me, is like winning the lottery. Nothing was forced on me at all.

I have said it before in other posts. If I want a purely endgame experience, I will play Destiny 2. They built that game for a perpetual endgame environment from the ground up. There is more to do in that game outside the storylines than any of the Borderlands games (If I wanted to exaggerate, I would say than all of them combined. But of course I have nothing to back that claim up :grin:).


That’s rather debatable (and in general I don’t pretend that I can speak for ‘people’ as a whole) - but let’s not forget about different action skills here: GB Fl4k plays very different from Fadeaway one, same for Drone Zane vs. Barrier etc. (Moze is a bit of an outlier here IMHO).

In my case it provided more variety compared to BL2. YMMV.

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There’s literally no reason to do more than one play through of the story per character. True Vault Hunter mode adds nothing to the game and isn’t necessary at all so many people including myself don’t touch it.

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Serious question: would you be in favor of one single vault hunter that had multiple action skills and trees? In other words, at what point for you does it become less desirable to pare down the number of VH in favor of variability in game play per VH character?

To be fair, for me I prefer my variety from multiple VH characters with single AS and only a couple of trees that I can work towards maxing out. But I recognize that not everybody feels the same way.


Of course, there is - it’s called fun. :slight_smile: There are forum members here who have 150+ playthroughs with the same character class.

And again, to reiterate my point - playing through the story with Gamma Burst Fl4k is very different from R4kkAttack one, at least in my case. If you enjoy the gameplay, that is. But yeah, if you hate the basic premise and mechanics, I don’t see why you would do the second playthrough even with another VH, forget all 4-6 of them.


Serious answer: not sure. I am confident I would not be interested in a single VH with 12 distinct action skills.

But I’m also pretty sure that BL2 variety was better than BL1’s, and would argue that BL3 offers more options than BL2.

It’s quite subjective, though.

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