Borderlands 4 idea - ALL the Vault Hunters

So, let’s assume they’re able to nicely balance many VHs (maybe go back to a single ability with multiple trees. They could combine the VH trees in some way for our current VHs)…what if BL4 really is the “war where you’ll need every VH you can get”?

Who would we want to see? Obviously the dead couldn’t contribute, but let’s start with all known VHs. That includes all playable ones, but also Fiona and Rhys as a named VH.

Who else would you want to see/play (excluding new characters)? What about a “type” of new character?

Some of my ideas:

Balex in mech form
Tiny Tina
Dr. Zed
Tannis (now that she’s powered up)
Mr. Torgue!
Butt Stallion???

New character (sort of) The Fallen Guardian who warns us in TPS.

Who else?

What if… for BL4… we have a whole new team of Vault Hunters that are actually working against the Crimson Raiders not because they became evil or anything like that… But because this time we’re essentially playing the douche’s that are doing crap to break the universe?

We could have a cast as:

The Douche
The Troll
The Bitch
The Guy who was a menace to south central while drinking his juice in the hood.

GBX Executive Management?

I’ll probably get a suspension for this.


k so
we get a few options based on factors

1 if gearbox doesnt want our VHs to matter like so far where we dont get mentioned by name and jsut are THE VAULT HUNTER even if that doesnt matter at all or we get ignored like amara gets ignored by the calypsos

2 if they want to make less with more

so we could say either give us OG VHs with how they where in their games but updated abilities, and well boosts towhat they can do, obviously that means old VHs would need bigger buffed out trees or a different progression from other generations

like this we could have bl 1 2 3 PS and 4 hunters that work generation wise differently inside the game,
since we are always just THE VAULT HUNTER nothing rly matters

alternatively we get to make a new VH ourselves design that one entirely ourselves from top to bottom
then give us this MASSIV single skilltree web with a secondary UPDATED AND REWORKED / REFINED guardian rank

with all old actionskills
having different things like
pet tree based on mordekai fl4k gaige and wilhelm where you can choose between 7 different pets
bot, bird, rakk, skag, saurien, monkey, spiderant

ingeniur tree around building on things which can be combined with pets for example or other skills
upgrading the pets / bot in several bots with different bonis

a gunenr tree like moze where you can make different kinds of mechs based on mobility, artilery, close combat
again we could mix into other trees, making a maliwan close combat / mobility mech
IB close combat
hyperion artilery, truly investing into fun stuff

a spy / assasine tree where i could have all the klillskills and active augemnts like stealth and crit bonis

how about making a mech tree around stealthing AS A MECH and having mechanized spiderants

in the end you invest in one character that can be played in multiple ways, and as THE ONE VAULT HUNTER WITHOUT A NAME
you never rly run into issues story wise.

alternaive to all of this just make 5 vaulthunters next game each with 3 WIDER trees or 4 trees to start with
clearly moze needed the cub to work so the 4th tree is basically her second actionskill.
clearly zane needs fire power not just suvivability
clearly fl4k needs suvivaility or more pet stuff
clearly amar for actual melee needs more options instead of 1

so yeah
i dont know
it might be a good idea to rethink VH creation for the next game



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Interesting idea about our own homemade VH.

It fits with the “Bunkers and Badasses” tabletop game idea (or what I know of it) that they plan on releasing.

to be honest a DnD style character creation would ropably fit best here anyway
we are a bystander anyway
nobody can tell me our characters are rly involved in the story
ANYBODY could be put into that situation and it would fit with nothing changing

so making a random new character it would be the same anyway
and with a weblike new skilltree we dont have the MASSIV issues that come with it such as

any lvl after lvl 50 is going to be a massiv problem since we will finish too much of the entire skilltree system to soon if we are given 3 trees

given this mayhem / op lvls cant be normal lvl increases since that would mean giving skillpoints
the entire reason op / mayhem lvl are they way they are is because they cant give you skillpoints, but want you to pretty much lvl up through these imaginary level increases

with an open system like this you could lvl through like 9 - 12 trees in one and combine stuff
if made well you can go through the web from a to b, OR from a to 5y

dnd gives you a list of possible skills you CAN take and you take what you need
so you could do the same here aswell

Using the Mayhem Mode logic of alternate dimension to enhance military strategy logic and Ultimate Form notion of a Mulitverse:

Why not just have BL4 be Tannis’s Siren Powered upgrade on Digistruct Peak’s Training Sim.

She, Moxxk & Cl4l Tp have data on every team of Vault Hunters that they can use to put them in the sim.

Vic’s Mission shows that you can give a person in a Sim a Body via the Fast Travel System (since New U isn’t canon, but Fast Travel is).

The goal can be trying to find or bring back Lilith or finding and protecting the 3 new sirens that should be out there.

The fully awakened and evolved Guardians and 7th Siren can be the nemesis.

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I think it would be pretty cool if on one playthrough you could switch between many different characters in a style similar to Battleborn. You can switch between them freely at will in Sanctuary and they all get levelled up together. Maybe there could be certain missions/side stories connected to different characters and DLC story packs could double up as opportunities to add new characters to your roster as you earn their loyalty through those missions.


Please, no existing characters as vault hunters. Especially Tina or Torgue. Couldn’t stand them after hearing their dialogue in BL3.

The big D - she’s the obvious melee character.
The sod - vampire abilities galore.
The victim - accidental shrink ray…or big ray?
And the satirist - high chance for incendiary water works. (It burns when he’s peein’.)

I kinda wanna see Rose from Bounty of Blood.

It was hinted that we might not have seen the last of her, and her abilities seemed super cool, they looked very fitting for a playable character.


Ohh, and that makes me think of Captain Scarlet.


The voice actress who played Rose was stellar, and credit where it’s due, if not for that performance it would have been hard to get past Rose being Moxxi & Nisha’s Fusion Dance hybrid.

I like the idea of Multiple Vault Hunters as a team you can swap through, a la’ Battleborn, and I guess Marvel’s Avengers (whoomp whoomp). Having player level attached to the actual player, and not the character would take away some of the grind, which I doubt developers would be excited to do. But if you made character specific side quests to access certain mission flows to get get loot and cosmetics, that would add incentive to investing more hours in-game with different characters so you could get the loot and experiment with it across your team of Vault Hunters.