Borderlands 4 idea - New Vault Hunters in BL1-3

So I’m making a few assumptions here:

  1. BL4 will be the great war that is coming, and we’ll need “all the vault hunters we can get”.
  2. They MAY choose to let us play VHs from prior games in BL4 and also add new VHs.

If that’s the case (big IF, but bear with me)…how would you like it if they introduced one new VH in each of the prior borderlands games (including the pre-sequel if they have the rights)?

I’m thinking they release each for free (as they have to design them anyway for BL4), and have one for each of the prior games (similar to how they did the Lilith DLC for BL2). That’d give us a reason to run through all of the prior games before BL4 releases (reacquaint ourselves with the story, have fun playing a new character).

Then BL4 would allow you to play virtually any of the VHs who are still alive in the canon, and the new ones would have a bit more backstory from being instituted in the earlier games.

Yay? Nay? Why or why not?

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It would be an interesting promotion, though I’m not sure I’d personally go back to the earlier games for a new character. But I’d certainly like to revisit the characters from TPS in a newer, better game.

Too bad half of the vault hunters in TPS are dead xD

Athena was way too much fun in that game. Loved being a tanky character with my action skill while never actually having to spec into tanking

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I know Wilhelm and Aurelia are dead. Timothy and Claptrap are alive. As far as I know, Nisha didn’t ‘die in a cutscene’ as it were. Did Athena die in Tales or something?

You killed Nisha in BL2, so I guess not a cutscene but even Jack mentions you “killed his girlfriend.”