Borderlands 4: Reunion

Let’s tie up all the major loose ends and set the stage for a reboot, with new places and faces, in BL5!

Borderlands 4: Reunion

Zer0 and FL4K, working together as a bounty hunting team, unearth and awake the Arkaioptikon, an ancient Eridian AI. It captures them and probes their memory units, thereby learning the history of the Eridian extinction. The AI begins a project to discover the Vault of Memory, hidden even from it, where the vanished race stored their entire cultural history–along with tissue samples, against the day when the race might return to the galaxy.

Reasoning that the best way to find a Vault is with Vault Hunters, the Arkaioptikon enslaves Zer0 and FL4K, sending them to obtain DNA samples from several dead heroes. The AI forms its own team of Vault Hunters. When it obtains the location and Key to the Vault of Memory, it plans to reconstruct the Eridians…but it will also alter their history to ensure they believe the entire galaxy are their enemies. The players must compete in a race against time against old friends and new enemies. Matters are made much worse as they gradually learn the identities of their competition.

The Judge, an armored cyborg, is all that survives of Salvador. The Revenant, once named Maya, bends dark matter to her will. Gaige remains herself, but the Arkaoptikon holds her dear friend Tina to ransom, and any defiance from Gaige means pain for Tina. Perhaps worst of all, this generation of Hunters is led by Durandal, a terrifying construct built from none other than Roland. These Hunters employ the Silver Horde, an army of autonomous robots created as a “final deterrent” by the Vladof Corporation. The AI has over-ridden their command protocols.

Brick and Mordecai split up, with Brick needing the players’ help to break into the prison satellite where Tina is held. Mordecai accompanies the players to Voyenyigorod, Vladof’s factory homeworld, to obtain the encrypted key needed to retake the Silver Horde from Durandal’s control. Vladof is not pleased that thieves have come calling.

Meanwhile, back on Pandora, the siren Patricia Tannis has finally lost her grip on sanity. She inhabits an extensive underground lair filled with mechanical companions. Her only link to the world outside her armored doors is the poor psycho Krieg, himself stranded on Pandora too in hopeless longing for the siren Maya. Players will need to work with Krieg to penetrate Tannis’ defenses–physical and emotional–to convince her to aid them. If successful, Tannis and Krieg can come to a sort of peace together.

But the Arkaioptikon is never idle. A retired Operative named Zane brings the unwelcome news that headstrong young siren Ava has taken it on herself to find the Vault of Memory on her own. Pursuing a trail of clues, Ava has landed in a deadly trap on the ghost planet Sercannus-3. The Arkaioptikon has reanimated the wrecked Vladof and Tediore military hardware found there, and has dispatched sentient spacecraft to recover Ava to serve as a power source for the Vault Key. The players must rescue her before that can happen.

Above it all, literally, the force of nature once called Lilith dispassionately observes. Now inextricably bound to Elpis, her power over events occurring there is formidable, but she has little concern for the rest of the galaxy, and has created a pyro-eridium force shield around herself, the moon.

The only technology capable of penetrating it–according to Zane’s best intel–lies in the hands of one Moserah Andreyevna, who won a powerful Eridian artifact in a drunken game of Pariah Poker on Eden-Null. Moze and her partner Axton have formed their own mercenary brigade. They’re stuck on Aquator, ensnarled in combat against Valdof’s old enemy Tediore, come to settle a score. Their skills are vital to the attempt to penetrate Elpis’s defenses and contact Lilith. Once Mordecai returns with the encrypted Horde key, Moze’s understanding of Vladof hardware enables her to take command of what remains of the Silver Horde.

Sir Hammerlock must be persuaded to leave Wainwright and their family on Eden-6 for one final hunt. Distraught at the fate of some of his friends, Hammerlock reluctantly accepts a mission to track down Zer0 and FL4K and bring them to Elpis, where Lilith can undo their bondage. Completing this task will require a heroic and final sacrifice.

Throughout it all, the players also have to hunt the Vault, while dealing with the Durandal team’s galactic carnage. They’ll fight a series of climactic battles, escalating in emotional impact, until they can confront Durandal. But to break the armor the Judge and Durandal are clad in requires depleted eridium technology–stuff so dangerously explosive that only one company in the galaxy handles it.

Mr. Torgue is having problems of his own, though. His research facility on Hephaestus has been compromised by a Pangolin mole. Smuggling in Pangolin bio-enhanced agents, the spy has imprisoned the workforce, reinforced the facility’s defenses, and is holding everyone hostage for the combination to the safe room where the prototypes are stored. Players will have to fight their way in, alongside Mr. Torgue himself, defeating ranks of scaled Pangolin troops–but they have guidance: the facility supervisor locked herself in the safe room too. Thank goodness Grandma Flexington is there to guide the attack and provide plenty of cozy stories for moral support!

During the battle with the Eridian-powered Vault Hunters, Axton falls before Durandal in a blaze of glory. At the end of the fight, Durandal too must be brought to Elpis, where Lilith can burn away the machinery that defines him as Durandal. By sacrificing half her power, she joins Roland’s soul to her own for so long as Elpis exists.

The players now have only Tannis and Moze to rely on for help, their other allies needing to heal their mental and physical wounds. Brick and Mordecai, for example, retire to Menoetius, where Brick can resume tending to his award-winning bonsai collection, and Mordecai can at last hang up his rifle, don a chef’s apron, and complete the research needed for his book, 303 Recipes With Booze In Them.

Tannis’s technology and phase-shifting abilities can bring them to the Vault. General Andreyevna’s Silver Brigade provides muscle while the players force their way into the Vault of Memory, where the Arkaioptikon is in the process of re-writing Eridian history. They arrive in time to destroy the AI–but the process of physically resurrecting the Eridians is irreversible. At the end of the story, the Eridians return, with their original culture intact. What new Vaults might now be revealed…?

Just for kicks. :slight_smile: Did I miss anyone major?



Why are you thinking about reboot?

What is axis of your story? 1 has personal gains (I guess?). 2 has corporation (and Jack - it is hard not to include his bigger-than-life personality). 3 has family and generational conflict (we have very good post about this on the forum, can’t remember the name).

What is it for 4? Facing your past? Haven’t we done it in 2 and Claptastic Voyage?
Fighting inner demons - Tannis’ conflict has great potential to be commentary on isolation. Fighting sins might be a decent one. Someone (again, can’t remember) on this forum said that Borderlands story is kinda a product of its time. What it is now that should be projected to the series’ story?

In my opinion, just on abstract level, BL4 should be full blown war against an enemy that was there before start of BL1, waiting for its time to strike, something that no one notice, but is right here in plain sight.

There’s something that I said in another thread about this.

!Why did no one ever mentioned going to Pandora’s underground, below layer of Eridium?

That “in plain sight” thing would be Pandora itself …again, but for real this time. You mentioned eridians, and that, in my opinion, would fit in this because it was their plan to be resurrected to fight against their rival race that use the Destroyer as a partner in symbiotic relationship to survive. Then, it would be race between ones who want to free Destroyer and ones who try to stop them. Of course Destroyer gets out.

And the fight between two ideas - sustainable (Eridian) world view and Destroyer race’s star consumerism - would start.

It will require all six sirens (willingly or not) to sacrifice to fight off Destroyer.

You know, in the 5th game you must include Destroyer as a planet to explore, race within it to fight and one last fight to end it forever and with it Pandora and Borderlands as we know it.

And again, Destroyer within Pandora would work as projection of weaknesses/illnesses within ourselves that have to be destroyed to move on.

So, again, axis, in my view, would be “inner fight”.

EDIT: I’m sure there been games that done this idea, but not gon delet this now.

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Did I miss anyone major?




Thanks for weighing in! You raise some interesting points and possibilities. Myself, I feel the first two games were ‘versus corporation’ with BL3 being ‘versus social media’–which is a little weird given how dependent a firm like Gearbox is on it. An eco-centric plot would be cool. After 4+ installations, it also feels like it’s time to move on and get some fresh plots and thinking into the game, and to do that, we need to say goodbye to those characters we’ve come to know and love (and hate).

Also, your avatar is great. Red pandas = proof god loves us and she wants us to smile.

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THANK YOU! I went beck and rewrote the s*** outta that weak-ass stuff right before the f****** Durandal fight!

*And I wanted to post that in all CAPS but the forum wouldn’t let me :cry: