Borderlands a installment for young and old and people of any color

Thought would be nice to give appreciations for every user of this game.
Young or old, purple or gray doesn’t matter.
We are here as Gamers not to hate furthermore to share our mind about this game.

Pls expose yourself somewhere else if you need to this board isn’t about collective hatred.

I mean some people seem to be here just in order to hate on the game!
Sure speaking out about frustration is necessary but there are ways to stay constructive in your ramble.
So if your opinion isn’t the most hyped or if you feel misunderstood this one thing.

We should respect our olds and not make fun out of em.
Cause there will be the day when you are old.
I’m sure you don’t want young people hate on you for playing vid games when you are old.


I get what you’re saying and what it’s in response to, but without the context of the commenter this is directed at it comes across as random rambling. Though I understand the mods probably wouldn’t want that thread to derail further because of that comment, this would be better directed as a response to that poster than a thread of its own.


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I actually tried to keep it general cause it seems that this is a recurring matter in this forums so i thought i remember people what they came for in the beginning and I’m sure it was not to spread hatred or stupidity.

What are you getting at? Speak plainly please. What’s an old?