Borderlands and Battleborn Statues at Gearbox HQ!

(Cast Iron Chef) #22

I’d cut off your left for the Montana statue. :dukewhistle:

(The Villain) #23

Go for it mate, I can type with my toes.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #24

Is that some green-rarity Hyperion Transaction that Zer0 is firing?

Also - Maya’s got the crazy eyes

( #25

I am a sucker for the crazy eyes!

(The One-Armed Bandit) #26

It’s perfect parts, but it’d still be crap - not even a crit bipod or an elemental capacitor to give it some extra ooomph…

(Is this thing on?) #27

Spoken like a true Borderlands fanatic!

(Not a Lizard Person ) #28

Hey y’all, here’s a few more!

(Is this thing on?) #29

Thorn is awesome!

I’d noticed that some of the weapons were pretty large when rotating the camera around characters in the main game menu, but that bladed shotgun Salvador is carrying in his off-hand is just insane. What’s that beside his right foot, though?

Edit: Shamelessly stole the Axton picture for a little editing…

(Not a Lizard Person ) #30

The statues are still being assembled, so it’s probably a piece of one of his weapons that just hasn’t been attached yet.

(Berserker) #31

That Sal is pretty cool.

(Influencer Guy) #32

Yea, the Sale statue is pretty dope!

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #33

There’s Axton, immortalized in his quest to get the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Assault Rifle challenge :laughing:

(Qmzn) #34

I’d be interested to know how these statues were fabricated.

Since I noodle around Texas from time to time, I’ve been lucky enough to see them all in person. It felt like the Borderlands 2 ones are custom sculpted based on data from the game. The body proportions are slightly off, and I noticed a few minor innaccuracies when compared to the final model designs, especially in the guns and costume props.

On the other hand, the Battleborn ones are so freakin’ accurate, it felt like the pieces were cast directly from a high-poly version of the game model. As such, they looked far more delicate, especially Thorn and Miko. There’s also more attention to material detail – i.e. Thorn’s bow having a glossy composite finish, while her hair has a matte texture.

I imagine that, regardless of the actual game’s quality, the Borderlands 3 statues are going to be wicked cool.

(Influencer Guy) #35

@MentalMars posted a video somewhere on the forums that 2K put out about the fabrication process. I’m having trouble remembering which thread it was in.

(MentalMars) #36

I did do an article about building the 2k Booth back on July 25, 2015. The video and some photo’s are on my site in case someone needs to look it up. i liked it back then Battleborn also had a big banner on one of the buildings at E3 and also the stairs had a battleborn print.

Here is the video, remember it’s a 2K thing so there is also some xcom and stuff. But you do see how the statues are made etc.

(Is this thing on?) #37

Would have liked to have seen more of the Thorn cosplay at 3:15!

From that, it looks like a similar process to eg Lord of the Rings etc. Individual parts either molded or built up on a form using something like a dense (closed cell?) polyurethane, then shaped and finished by hand before sealing with a hard coat and painting. Presumably the level of accuracy depends on the amount of detail provided to the sculptors.

(Qmzn) #38

Considering all I see in that video are prints of the characters from multiple angles (front/side/back/top/bottom, it looks like), the sculptors must have mad spatial reasoning skills to make something that looks so close to an in-game model. I didn’t realize the full diorama had Minion RBX chunks scattered around at their feet, which is a nice touch. These are clearly the right guys and gals to hire for this sort of work.

This isn’t about the statues, but the vertical LED panels with the slow-motion depictions of the characters are really great. They are way cooler than static panels or banners. If I ever have control over the design of a booth for anything involving characters, I am stealing that idea.

Thanks for digging up the clip, @MentalMars.

(MentalMars) #39

From the MentalMars Archive :wink:

Battleplan 46: 4/6/17

Not sure if it’s been asked but how much does a statue cost to be made and where do you guys get them made? Does a branch within Gearbox make them or some other company?

(Influencer Guy) #41

No idea on any of this, but 2K had them made by an outside company.