Borderlands App & minor update (suggestion)

Hello everyone,

Has the idea of an application that works like the Destiny 2 app been mentioned before?

I’d really like something mobile we can use to do some simple things like:

  1. Move banked/inventory items
  • Including items between characters
  1. View items in detail
  • Doesnt need all the details but would be nice to see the item specs on the mobile so we can screenshot and post to trade forums when we aren’t at our consoles or PC
  1. Character customization
  • Who hasn’t spent enough time viewing all the skins and head mods wanting to see what looks best and changing the colors?

I’m sure there are other things which can be done within the app but these are the first that come to mind.

On another note.
Can we please get more indicators to flag our items with? I love that we can use the star and trash markers but how about little character indicators so we know what character we want to give an item to later when we bank it.

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Nope. Not necessary in any way.

I would like inventory management on mobile, might make dealing with mules much easier.


Love this idea. Plus it would allow me to check my bank from work so I could do trading easier by allowing me to see what I have and what the exact stats are.

if there’s one “copy this from destiny” feature i want, it would definitely would be something like this. i kinda like second screen features like these in general.

that said, i don’t think it would work remotely though since data is stored locally, right? unless they somehow do some shift intergration. but an app that you connect locally, like Pipboy app in FO4 or red dead 2’s companion app, i could see that working quite nicely

@sehenry10 Exactly my thoughts. I have a good bit of down time at work and would like to set up trades or simply delete stuff I haven’t been able to look over instead of waiting until later.

Don’t give kids more things to cry about.Not needed.Useful to have.

I really think any sort of serious game should come with an app. Give it a couple of years and AAA game without an accompanying app would be unimaginable.


Or, maybe we could just get sufficient bank space, so that inventory management doesn’t require creating multiple saves to keep items :slight_smile:


why not both ? :slight_smile:

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Yeah, game design should always be about opening doors for players to interact with the game in the way which gives them the most enjoyment with minimal annoyance, so no reason to break the mule system if people really want to do that. I just think it’s absurd that in 2019 we have a loot based shooter that is sold on the premise of a billion guns, with game modes and items that demand a wide range of elemental and skill modifiers, and get 50 goddamn slots in the bank.

In destiny 2 there are much more things to do with an app, you cant compare it with bl3, at least not right now, not even close.