Borderlands Approach To Storytelling

I’ve been playing The Outer Worlds and I would love it if Borderlands would use the same storytelling approach as that game. Both are FPS RPGs.

I would love to have the ability to select different dialogue options when interacting with NPCs. You could have a line or two that are shared by all VHs and one or two that are unique to each.

I would love it if side missions with NPCs added more depth to the world. Ava’s not a bad character. She’s an underdeveloped one. She could’ve been given more side missions tonfelsh put her character and the player could be given a reward with extra custcenes at the end of the game - and naturally, being able to skip those - showing how your interaction with this character affected their end story.

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I sorta disagree on the idea of having choices for the dialogue, especially the shared ones, as you’re not playing your own character but you’re playing the specific vault hunter so they have their own thoughts of what to say


It would definitely require more careful and thought through work with the characters, their personalities, their place in the world and their dialogue.

But that’s something I would love this series to try. Tales is there but it’s 100% story. No gun play. Well, except the finger gun fight one.

Still, an Outer Worlds like approach with shorter main story in favour of more replayable DLC stuff and as much effort - or at least, thought - put into writing as it was into advertisement, and this game would be golden. For me. Naturally, I’m being biased.

But man, going from Tales to BL3 is like going from Snatch level story telling and humour to a Family Guy episode.

Ava is poorly written character (as far as the main story goes; haven’t played the Murder Mysteries yet). She’s basically a brat, written by people who either a) hate kids, b) don’t like or understand kids, c) have a brat as a kid, or d) some combination of a through c. If you think I’m being harsh, watch at least the first season of Stranger Things. The main kids in that show are engaging, interesting and compelling, and none of them are written like annoying brats (except maybe Lucas’ younger sister, but she plays a very small role in the show).

What? Why would they write her in the first place if they did hated kids? If anything it feels more like someone inserted their beloved daughter into the story as wish fulfillment.

You’re overall right. But to be honest, Lucas was kind of a tool in season 1.

How about them being somewhat of teenagers themselves? Not physically, but mentally.

Which one was Lucas?

The black kid.

This is an Interesting idea as I’ve played a few games like this. (Outer world’s, mass effect, etc). This could be fun however they are going further way from this with BL3. The prior instalments of the Borderlands series were all about the playable characters and interactions with the vault hunter you are playing. For some reason in BL3 they made it all about the NPCs. Half the cut scenes your VH isn’t even in the scene (though we are supposed to be there). I hated this, instead of feeling like you are the focus of the story you feel like you are just tagging along.

Depends on how it’s handled, and whether or not choices affect outcomes. The dialogue wheel (or however it comes out) is pretty much a staple of the RPGs that constitute one half of the Borderlands series DNA. But it can be a bit odd at times, especially if both the story outcome and character relations don’t change regardless of choices.

The other thing it would run into is the half of the fans who come to the franchise from the other side of the game’s DNA, the first-person shooter, as a lot of those seem to consider story as an unneccessary obstacle to action. Balancing the two halves is always tricky. I wouldn’t mind seeing more variation, though - kind of like how TPS had different NPC responses to the different vault hunters when they interacted.

Very well said. Straying a little off-topic but I think this is just another indication of BL3’s main problem. No one at GBX decided what it should be up-front or, at least, changed their mind during devlopment. It ended up trying to be all things to all players.

Is it an FPS with RPG elements, giving us some sort of progression through increasing difficulty, like its predecessors? Jastorm187 points out its failings there. Is it supposed to be an “action adventure” like the new Wolfensteins and the Metro games? If so, it’s light on cinematics and a coherent story. Is it supposed to be a “games as a service”, like Destiny or The Division, to be played indefinitely? GBX’s attempt at the current extended endgame has been unstructured, to say the least. Could a BL game go down The Outer Worlds route with more important interactions with NPCs? I’m sure it could.

The important thing is that GBX decide on what they’re designing and make the game mechanics to fit that decision. Can you mix these genres? Of course, but that has to be designed in from Day 1. If a BL4 appears, I would be very reluctant to part with my cash for another mish-mash like BL3.