Borderlands as an gametype, Borderlands 3, and Borderlands after 3

MMO in Borderlands??? No thanks

Ya but it is not the same borderlands we know. It, from what i gather does not have the same play and feel as the franchise we know. Thatd be like Mcdonalds in Greece except they served lamb-burgers. Sure itd have the same label on the outside but within completely different restaurant.


Well Donalds sell hamburgers which are actually beef.

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That is the point that Samuraith is trying to make. I agree with the guy at the top a little. Borderlands has not grown stale, but the developers needed to take a step back for a little while. Bld3 is going to be a game that has a lot of high hopes on it. If I were the developers, I’d be stressed out. I believe that they agreed that they should work on other projects, get a breather from borderlands, and then go full on back into the franchise. This idea is evident in the Battleborn game. They are trying to make Battleborn what Borderlands is not. They will be back and we should be ready to help them, at least a little with ideas for the new game. If you could go to my post, Borderlands 3 ( I want your ideas and opinions), I would like your opinions on the ideas that I have for the new game, and I want you to post your own as well.


3rd person view as an option would be nice

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I think when the eridian guardian said war is coming he meant pvp matches.

So I gave it some time, did you try it and what was your first impression?

Defiance was ok. It didn’t hook me somehow.

Shadow trap versions of all vault hunters in the vault. You get to fight your self or a version of your self.

Ah, the Jedi Temple of Borderlands. That was one of the more… interesting… fights in SW:FU (especially the part where the motion controls got switched on you).

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I think it’d be great for Gearbox to implement a multiple planet system, similar to No Man’s Sky, Warframe, Star Wars The Force Unleashed, etc.

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