Borderlands Assistance

So one of the trophies I need still is to finish all side quests in the General Knoxx Dlc. In playthrough one all I have left is It’s Like Christmas for Marcus. However in my game the “Steal Loot” portion is competed already somehow and it won’t let me access the armory to finish the quest. I don’t want to have to do every quest again in playthrough 2 just for this trophy.

I was wondering if anyone had this quest unfinished in playthrough 1 and would be willing to let me join them to do it. I figure if I do it in someone else’s gane it’ll existed as complete on my own and I’ll get the trophy. Right?

Hi, I think I have this mission open , I will check and let you know.
Edit: Yes I have it open , so add me and we can finish this mission together.

Thanks man, its great to have such a prompt reply.

Is your username your psn?

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Yep, I’m online now.

FrI end request sent

Crap, I have this exact same issue, I’m so bummed I missed this! If anyone else sees this and can help, please PM me or something.


Which mission are you on? Marcus sweep or It’s like Christmas?

I’ll have to double check but I’m pretty sure the ‘it’s like Christmas’ part.