Borderlands beyond full HD

I just wanted to make a quick thread dedicated to something i noticed was done right in borderlands, as opposed to when i pick apart every little thing i think is wrong with it.

So i recently upgraded to a 1440p monitor on my pc, and tried a few games on it. When i tried borderlands, i was suprised to find that nearly every aspect of the UI scaled to my new monitor. The fonts, heads up display, and vendors actually increased in detail, as opposed to just getting smaller. Keep in mind there are many games, and even some operating systems more recent than borderlands 1 that just keep everything the same resolution so it seems to just shrink, leaving you with something less useful. The only thing i noticed didnt scale were subtitles, but its not like they got too small to read.

Just wanted to give credit where credit is due to future proofing the game, so thanks gearbox. Borderlands looks good no matter what resolution you play at.