Borderlands Casemod (Finished!)

(mariobitters) #1

As you may, or may not know, I made a Borderlands 1 Vending machine casemod on the old forums (topic can be found here.

Now 5 years later, I found it was time to change the case for the better, so I removed the original plexiglass plate with sticker, and replaced it with a 23" LCD screen (led or oled should’ve been better, but this one I had lying around :p). The eyepiece of the case has been changed aswell. It used to be an old webcam which didn’t work anymore, and now I replaced it with a working webcam.
Another feature added is, when you walk by, it uses motion detection from the webcam to play different quotes from the vending machines ingame over the built-in speakers!

Images on the front are “vectorized” in Photoshop from game files (used Texmod to grab them) from Borderlands 1 and 2 (still need to make a lot more, also from Pre-sequel). Also, as you may notice, they are clean, instead of beat up as ingame, liked that look a bit more)

Well, here are some pictures from the “new” case!

(Where's lucky?) #2

This is one of the most amazing things i’ve ever seen

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #3

This… is absolutely amazing! THIS IS BADASS AS ■■■■!!! :heart_eyes:

Best feature ever! The amount of detail put into this leaves me speechless!

(Velocitas Est Vita) #4

Daaaaaannng son. That thing is bloody majestic.

Dammit now I wanna make one… perhaps a minifridge? =P


I am literally.


(Where's lucky?) #6

Mini? I want an extra large fridge that looks like that

(Velocitas Est Vita) #7

Good point - why go for the downsize when you can have it full size!

(unmaking the universe with math) #8

I never noticed the “bullet” in the ammo vending machine until right now

Amazing job by the way



(Now With Extra Ordinary) #10

Color me impressed, and jealous… One cool ass machine right there my friend. :+1:

(mariobitters) #11

Thanks everyone for the nice comments :slight_smile: Might release the images when I vectorized all of them :slight_smile:

(Schwarze Sonne) #12

This is awesome! Case modding is a hobby I hope to dive into one day.

(Berserker) #13

Fantastic work.

(Ziddersroofurry) #14

This is awesome.

(Vincent) #15

Hey @mariobitters,
first up nice case. And secondly I wanted to ask if you have any recommendations in term of texmod tutorials, because I just can’t get it to work and it seems like you’re the only person in this forum who has used it on bl1.

(mariobitters) #16

Hey VincentDud,

Thanks for liking the case :smiley: It’s always nice when people like it that
much. About texmod tutorials, I’m not entirely sure what you want to do.
Would you like to enlighten me on this subject? Tbh I haven’t used texmod
for a few years now, so I have to reinstall BL1 and Texmod myself to be
able to help you out further hehe.

If you want, you can reply further at my email: (or
add me on facebook: Slownick (Belgium))

Kind regards

Mario Bitters

(Vincent) #17

Hey Mario,

Thanks for the quick response. It turns out that obtaining the texture I was looking for (The Moxxi sprays in the 3rd dlc) was much easier with the Unreal Package extractor. I am also “modding” my case a bit, but don’t have time for anything to fancy so I’m gonna just spray one of the ingame sprays onto the side with a template.
Thanks again for the quick response and willingness to help :slight_smile:


PS.: For anyone finding this looking for the same thing just look for it in my posts