Borderlands Character Ability Idea

So I thought of a character idea and it’d be nice to get some opinions, whether good or bad.
So then, for the action skill I thought of it being named Animal Instinct. What this action does is summon two creatures that we know from Pandora; a skag and a thresher, to help you rampage on the battlefield. The skag will specialize in melee attacks while the thresher in ranged. They will both have low health and do moderate damage to enemies to make things more fair.

Skill Tree 1:
The green skill tree, or the first one, will be known as Skagged Up. This tree will specialize in increasing the defense of the character and giving them special weapon bonuses such as increased magazine size or fire rate. The characters skin begins to look like the armor of a Skag with each upgrade. I have not come up with a final ability if anyone would like to help

Skill Tree 2: The blue skill tree will be known as Mans Best Friends. As you can probably already guess, this will level up and upgrade your companions. For the final skill of the tree, which I named My Little Badass, will give you a chance to summon only ONE of the creatures; the skag or thresher. However, the summoned creature will be a badass and will have one specific elemental status. Though stronger than the two creatures on the battlefield, to make things fare it will only be a bit more powerful than the two, mostly dealing increased damage but with low defense and health.

Skill Tree 3: The red tree I had deemed the name Natures Wrath. This skill tree will specialize in giving the player increased offensive abilities. A unique skill I had thought of was Strength of a Bullymong which will increase your melee damage significantly. The final ability for the tree is One With Nature, which will allow you to grow claws and thresher tentacles rather than spawn the two creatures. You will get increased agility, melee strength and projectiles that replace your grenades (the threshers spikes will replace that). You will still be able to use your weapons but they will have a significant decrease in damage since guns aren’t really from nature xD

Anyways, that is my idea. I didn’t really think of a character. And by that I mean looks or story, I just created the abilities. So let me know what you all think. Is it too OP? Is it too lame? Or do you support it as is? I’m interested to know.

Well, for Skagged Up, the bottom could be that projectile vomit thing the Skags do sometimes to obscure enemy sight and deal some DoT damage. It could be a cooldown-locked Melee Override. It could reduce enemy accuracy, slow them down, and deal weak melee damage over time.

And for Nature’s Wrath, instead of gimping the guns, why not remove them from the gameplay entirely when the Action Skill is active and replace them with some kind of animal power? And what animal power you got could be RNG-based, like Claptrap’s Vaulthunter.exe. There could be Bullymong, Thresher, Skag and Stalker for 25% chance to take effect each, right? And Bullymong Instinct would replace Grenades with Projectile Throw, Melee with a quick bash attack with increased range because F***IN’ BULLYMONG ARMS, and Shoot with a much more powerful, but slower bash that had a knockback effect. Bullymong Instinct would also make you move a bit slower because of the added mass. Because reload wouldn’t be needed for a heavy melee, it would instead become a toggle for a Rage effect, massively boosting attack power in exchange for a massive decrease to damage resistance, and once toggled off had a cooldown.

Thresher Instinct would replace Grenades with the Thresher tentacle things, making tentacles spawn where you pointed, up to 8 tentacles could be deployed at any time, and when you use Melee, all of the tentacles swipe in addition to a melee tentacle swipe from the player. If you tap Grenade after all 8 are deployed, you retract them, which would be handy because like Threshers, you wouldn’t be able to move if the tentacles were deployed. Jumping would retract all deployed tentacles immediately because you would no longer be touching the ground to plant them. And I guess Shoot could be replaced with the Thresher Spike. Reload could still work for the Thresher Spikes, so no need to change that.

Skag Instinct would increase movement speed, first off, because Skags are pretty quick. Grenade would be replaced with the Skag Spitter acid gob attack, which could form a puddle where it lands, creating a DoT AoE. Melee would still be the Skag Vomit, but if you got the ability for use outside Skag Instinct, then inside Skag Instinct, it would be upgraded to ELEMENTAL vomit, randomly going Fire, Acid, Lightning, Ice or Slag depending on the RNG. Reload would be a Skag screech, summoning weak Skag Minions to help out and absorb damage, but they could only be summoned once per AC Duration. Shoot would become a basic Skag claw attack, because Melee is taken with Vomit, and Skags do use their claws. …There’s probably a better way do make this work, but I’m just spitballing here.

Stalker Instinct would instantly put you into stealth, first off, and if you hold the button down, Melee would be the Stalker jump attack, dealing greater damage from a medium distance and with a knockback effect from farther away. Just tapping Melee would be a swift claw attack. Shoot would be the Stalker projectile, and while in Stalker Stealth, all forms of damage you deal would be increased, but as you took damage, just like a Stalker you would start to become visible and your damage output would falter. Grenade would instead become a short-range teleport, zapping you to where you pointed the reticule, providing it was a valid surface.

…I mean, I’m just spitballing here. I don’t know if you’ll like any of this.