Borderlands Character Overhaul

I spent the last few weeks reworking the original borderlands characters skills to be more relevant end game. I didnt focus much on nerfing anything, just buffing under powered skills/action skills. Here’s the changes:

All Characters
-New unused level up particle effect

-One new backpack slot every level up

-Base damage of the scorpio turret has been increased

-The scorpio can be cancelled at any time by pressing the action skill button again (your skill cools down faster with no turret out)

-Accuracy of the turret is slightly better

-Base scorpio cooldown decreased from 100 seconds to 60 seconds

-Base scorpio deployed time increased from 20 seconds to 25 seconds

-Scorpio FOV increased from 170 degrees to 230 degrees

-Revive, Stockpile, and aid station ranges have been increased 2.5x

-Stockpile ammo regen speed increased

-Stat range increased 2x

-Stat healing increased per point spent from 1% to 2% per second

-Each level of Revive has an increased chance of reviving a teammate, with the max now at 90%

-Guided missile now starts on every 6 seconds, maxed out fires every 2 seconds

-Guided missile now has an added effect “Killing an enemy with the Scorpio turret deployed extends the duration”

-Grit changed to resist all damage types and resistance slightly increased

-Sentry damage increased from 7% to 15% each point

-Grenadier grenade damage increased from 3% to 7% each point

-Scattershot shotgun damage increased from 3% to 4% each point

-Berserk cooldown reduced from 60 seconds to 45 seconds

-Berserk movement speed increased

-Berkserk jump height increased

-Berserk resistances have been increased

-Berserk base duration has been increased from 18 seconds to 22 seconds

-Berserk base melee damage slightly increased

-Unbreakable now works during Berserk

-Bloodsport health regen increased from 2% to 6% per skill point

-Bloodsport health regen time increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds

-Prize Fighter has been changed to a new perk: Killing an enemy extends the duration of your Berserk, but you’re on a timer. Get kills in rapid
succession to get the most out of this perk.

-Prize Fighter only needs one perk point to apply the above effect, EXTRA POINTS IN PRIZE FIGHTER ARE WASTED

-Heavy Handed has an added random crits effect called “Knockout Punch” (just like Mordecai’s Lethal Strike skill) crits are signified with a
rocket launcher sound effect

-Iron Fist damage increased from 6% to 10% per point

-Short Fuse seconds off cool down increased from -6 to -7 per point

-Endowed damage increased from 3% to 7% each point

-Cast Iron damage reduction increased 8% to 12%

-Master Blaster rocket regen rate increased from .035 to .075 (The ui for Master Blaster’s regen rate is very inaccurate, so youll have to take my word for it)

-Bloodwing can now attack 3 enemies with the main skill

-Bird of Prey enemy attack count has been increased from 1 to 2 enemies per skill point

-Swift Strike damage has been increased from 20% to 25% per skill point

-Swipe has a better chance of dropping ammo instead of just money

-Swipe has a small chance to drop a weapon, classmod, grenade mod or artifact (including pearl weapons and craw class mods)

-Ransack now has the updated knoxx armory loot pool and artifacts

-Ransack has a higher chance of dropping weapons/items instead of just ammo

-Lethal Strike base melee damage increased from 10% to 20% per point

-Lethal Strike crit damage boosted

-Smirk xp gain increased from 3% to 5%

-Zombie floating hands removed during phasewalk

-Phoenix has been changed to temporarily increasing your magazine size instead of random shots not being spent
The reason for this is because the reloading problem is not an issue with the skill but with how the automatic reloading itself works. I found this to be a good compromise and the automatic reloading is no longer an issue.

-Striking has been changed sometimes causing an AoE , slowing all enemies within the radius

-Venom will now corrode 100% of the time

-Mind Games now has a chance to enrage the enemy you’re shooting, causing them to attack everything in sight (slow effect removed)

-Phase Strike now has a chimera effect added to the melee in addition to the increased melee damage

I also added some globals changes that are optional for single player but required for co op:

Globals Changes

-Rarity overhaul including 4 new rarities, light green, light blue, light purple, and dark red (dark red is for almost perfect/perfect purple weapons)

-Extended day night cycle

-Item of the day time set to 10 minutes

-Quest pick up items are now blue rarity instead of green

Thanks SleepMaster for teaching me how to load in custom characters :slight_smile:

Download here:

Original: Borderlands Character Overhaul at Borderlands Nexus - Mods and community

Enhanced: Borderlands Character Overhaul at Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced Nexus - Mods and community