Borderlands charecters as dlc

Is it even possible? Id love to see mr. Torgue or krieg

Anything is possible in a game literally anything.

I’d love to see Handsome Jack return personally, that guy is super difficult to kill and somehow managed to escape to the last star in the universe :smiley:

Also Moxxi cos who doesn’t wanna play as a badass Moxxi in Battleborn right?

Jack is always a good choice.

I am pretty certain that Jack is dead (killed by the Vault Hunters and Rhys), but there is still “Timothy Lawrence”. We still don’t know what happened to him after the Prequel, so maybe he went into hiding during BL2 and upon Jacks death tried to get the most out of it, before vanishing again.
As Timothy is a coward by heart maybe he found himself close to the last star simply by running away from the expanding darkness and gets pulled into this. He would fit pretty well into the LLC I think.