Borderlands Comic Thread

Suggested by the great Joekgbx.

Check out this comic by Goldo_O :


Its actually nice to see that comic pop up again. Saw it a few years ago.

Is that a…skag?

I remember saw Mordy and Brick related comic books once…

Panties, pizza and 3D glasses. Good times in Robolution.


That Robolution comic made me grow extra funny bones to be tickled.

Thanks for posting this kitty! Been down lately and that comic brightened my day.

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Let’s keep it rolling!


This reminded me of our play sessions @IrishRebelA07



Much goodness found in this thread!

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I was waiting for someone to make this thread. I like how in the Tiny Tina one the Hyperion soldiers actually used Hyperion guns…

But the Bl1 comics are way funnier.

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I love this one.

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LMAO! Yes, very much. And we are both equally guilty.

1 Like Legendary Comic by Rayvell

The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.

I has a sadface :<

Yeah,it doesn’t work because it is in the old forums.

Just add “old” before the word “forums” if you want to access the old forums.