Borderlands Comics!

So uh. Kinda new at posting here. No idea what I’m doing. But I started getting hardcore into The Pre-Sequel, so I’ve been getting back into shenanigan comics! =D

So here’s what happened: I was gamin and bein’ all badass and killing scav ■■■■■, then all of a sudden my game decided /I/ was the enemy, and my grenade bounced off the mech suit thing and onto me and set me on fire and I died. I was about to yell until I realized who I was playing as, then I started laughing because IT WAS SO FITTING.

More shenanigans happened, so I’m likely to make more comics relatively soon. This was just the best one. Next to Claptrap and Athena getting stuck on and riding a kraggon across the lava river, anyway.


Is it acceptable to post twice, if nobody’s responded and I really want to share more comics? Uh. If not can I just get by with a warning? 'Cause I’m gonna leave this here:

What happened:

I was to survive three waves of enemies. Okay, fine. Whatever. Hate these quests but good exp. Imagine my surprise when they started dropping dead in front of me, dropping their guns, randomly freezing (from cryro out of nowhere?), and jumping into the lava and killing themselves. (I still got exp from that though?) I never shot a single bullet.


Has anybody else had this glitch, or is my game just a really special case of stupid?

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These comics are pretty good, may I suggest one on using Claptrap’s action skill in a co-op game?

Thanks! Typically my comics are all from in-game experiences, though I did throw out my disco ball and followed my friend around while dancing, the other day…so that may indeed be the next one! XD