Borderlands Community Patch - Latest Revision: 01/03/2017

(Shishka Bobby) #21

Computer noob here. I want to use this, but I can’t view it. How can i view the .upk files for the DL?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #22

Don’t view them, just download.

(rolee9309) #23

Is it possible to create new artifacts with other (ice, curse, daze, bleed, etc.) elements and use them on original action skills, or need to create custom replicas?

And an other question: can the user tweak the HUD settings somehow (in any .ini files) like in Borderlands 2? Like the size and the position of it.

(Celicethegreat) #24

Any updates about the patch? I’d love a rebalance patch for the first game more than the others–some character skills feel very pointless (Brick’s money kill skill? Mordecai’s experience skill?), so I’m super looking forward to whatever changes come out of your work :slight_smile:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #25

The patch is on hold until me and Sleep either finish the 5th DLC or make good headway on it.

(Sehenry10) #26

I have the BLCMM downloaded but it is stuck on the presequel. It wont let me switch it to borderlands 2 down in the bottom left. Why not?

(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #27

Wrong community patch - this thread is not for the BL2-TPS Unofficial Community Patch. If you’re having trouble with that, I suggest you follow up on its authors official support channels - check the download site for a link to those.