Borderlands Community Patch - Latest Revision: 07/01/2020

What HO ye vaulthunters?

In response to the success of the BL2-TPS’ community patch I’ve decided to take it upon myself to start working on the original Borderlands’ equivalent of this patch.

This patch is still under construction and I will work on it as side project to my main project: the “unofficial” 5th DLC for Borderlands.

Expect the same impact this patch will have like the BL2-TPS patch, as this patch will update broken vanilla weapons/items towards the initial vision GBX had for them; update vanilla weapons/items to make them more competitive, usable, likeable, wantable, etc.; fix broken game systems, loot pools, etc. and fix and/or update broken and/or functional Character Skills to behave as GBX originally envisioned them or make the skills more competitive, usable, likeable, wantable, etc.

NOTE: This patch will eventually alter existing .upk files within your Borderlands instalment. This means that if you still wish to play with others while having the changes that this patch induced all attending players will need to have the Community Patch installed to operate.

Download link:

Borderlands Community Patch

Fixed Vanilla Gear:






Bone Shredder00000

Altered Vanilla Gear:


(Dr. Neds Gun)
The Big Zomb

WillowTree codes + application tutorial

Question: Where to I place this .upk file?
Answer: …:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Borderlands\WillowGame\CookedPC\DLC

Question: How do I fix my weapons??
Answer: Start up WillowTree, and add the following data to the right weapons:

For the Draco insert:


Into the TITLE area.

For the Bitch insert:


Into the ITEMGRADE area.


Into the BARREL area.

For the Penetrator insert:


Into the TITLE area.

For the Executioner insert:


Into the TITLE area.

For the Reaper insert:


into the ITEMGRADE area.



into the ACCESSORY area.

For the Plague insert:


Into the TITLE area.

For the Vengeance insert:


Into the ITEMGRADE area.


Into the BARREL area.

For the Driver insert:


Into the TITLE area.

For the Bone Shredder insert:


Into the ITEMGRADE area.


Into the MATERIAL area.

For THE BIG ZOMB (Dr. Neds Gun) insert:


Into the ITEMGRADE area.


Into the BARREL area.


Into the MATERIAL area.


Into the TITLE area.

Contact details

YouTube channel = Tha Campin’ Dutchman
Steam ID = Tha Campin’ Dutchman
E-mail =



To ellaborate. Had this on my Borderlands Wikia profile for quite some time now. Just was too lazy to share it with y’all. Well that changed today.

I’ll prob’s continue work on this in the future. If you have any suggestions/remarks on times that need patching just let me know.


Well, i think i’ll install this.

But the question: does have issues with co-op (as in both people would need this installed), or is it all local?

Edit: And I can’t seem to find the WeaponFix files in WillowTree. Even after launching the game and loading up a save file.

Edit 2: Or am I being an idiot and I just type them in instead of looking for the files?


Also as long as everyone has the .upk in the same place everything should be fine.

Hey, do you think it could be possible to fix the Gunslinger to boost Hair Trigger rather than Loaded?


My Gunslinger Mordy would be happy :slight_smile:

For now, I’mma keep abusing Lethal Strike for ■■■■■ and giggles instead.

Might I recommend a slight rework of the Sniper tree from Mordecai that gives benefits to landing Critical hits with snipers?

-Bloodwing cooldown skill gets 2x cooldown from a critical hit
-Caliber/Loaded giving added (albeit small) Crit damage bonuses to snipers
-Maybe a buff to Killer by either strength or duration if you get a critical kill
-Reworking Smirk into something that actually feels beneficial, as opposed to just being a filler skill for midgame leveling, if even that, as the bonus is so small. Perhaps a stacking fire rate/damage buff on crits to get chain kills, or even just a simple bullet velocity upgrade?

I dunno if that’s shooting too far on the last bit, but snipers to me just seem too fun and too frowned upon bc of the borderlands AI to pass up the option to see someone making sniper classes fun in solo.


Hey, so like a year ago, i started work on a really comprehensive list of bugs that borderlands has. I made it in the hopes that gearbox might implement some changes/fixes for a re-release of the original borderlands. However, they obviously didnt do that, and dont seem to care to. So id like to show you so you can have an idea of some fixes and improvements people (mostly me) might like. Keep in mind that i didnt really focus on broken guns, mainly just quality of life stuff.

So you can read through the entire thread if you want, youl get more ideas from other people that way.

Or you can read the abridged version I made to save people time.

Now, i obviously dont expect you to be capable of changing everything, or even most things in the lists. These are just things to consider if practical. Especially the class mods, id love a hunter com with working cooldown, or a gunslinger com with an actual useful skill to replace loaded.

Oh, also heres a thread where people (including me) were spitballing ideas to improve the characters.

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Thanks, I’ll skim through this when I have more time on my hands.

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One thing that would be cool to add is to make it that you can auto pickup money and ammo.


How do i install this?

Its stated right there in the original post.

Hey, just wondering, is this still being properly (ie. at all ) worked on, and is it going to have things added in for QoL such as auto pickup for ammo and money? That’d be extremely helpful.

Considering its just me and @SleepMaster working on it, its on hold for now until we finish the 5th DLC. And an auto-pickup will be included.

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This is just a pc thing yes?

PC only.

is there or is there any way you can ad a stash to trade weapons between your characters

Do i just put the files where it tells me to and i’ll have the fixes or do i have to do the inserts in order to get it to work?

Put the files in their respective places and then use WT to implement the changes.