Borderlands confirmed on Xbox One (backward compatibility)

So, Xbox players, any thoughts on it? I mean, we all know that the original Borderlands was pretty laggy on consoles, and theoretically the game will play better on Xbox One, so any of you guys are planning to give the good ol’ original a spin on XONE?

Of course I will play it again on the X1.

When I get a One…Still rockin the 360 though.

For sure! Have my GOTY in waiting!

Lets start a pool to get kitty a new console, every time kitty has to move a thread because it was in the wrong place we all chip in a nickle, she she have a new console within a few hours

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Yea no kidding. A nickel per move would be awesome. Hell Id take a penny since I am pretty much struggling financially and at this rate I’ll never advance into the new console generation. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: