Borderlands Crash Issue fix (Maybe)

Seems that this latest “feature” we’ve been gifted is linked to SHIFT accounts. There’s an immediate crash on startup that I’m sure an unfortunately large portion of us have seen by now.

I have seemed to “Fix” mine by “Verifying my email” and “Setting a password” on the main SHIFT website. I also Un-Linked and Re-Linked my accounts to steam. Not sure how many of you this will help.
I wasn’t even able to log-In and post on this forum until I did that, Regardless of having a linked shift account for months on my STEAM copy.

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This was my first visit on that shift page and I did exactly same things as you and worked for me also! Thank god it was this simple fix, hope it help you guys aswel. :slight_smile:

Thankfully the fix is simple, but I really do feel bad for the folks who haven’t found this out, either by trial and error or by information elsewhere. (I just happened to figure out this was my issue)

There are people who don’t even know how to look at forums for this information so the Devs and or support personnel need to address this immediately

A simple “We’re working on it” would be nice, Or maybe… This is crazy, An announcement from some community moderator with the information so far available to fix this issue

Before the “community badass” locks this thread with a link to another thread, I’ll point out my account was ALREADY LINKED to steam. And here’s some free advice,

it JUST MIGHT be a good idea to make an actual announcement regarding fixes directly linked by the COMMUNITY SUPPORT TEAM, instead of forcing random people to dig through forum topics??? If you’re going to run around locking threads and linking people to another thread, with (honestly semi accurate) advice, it might be a better idea to take that time and MAKE A THREAD YOURSELF.

Yup indeed. Fatal error it gave to me seemed to have something to do with UE4 so i tryed to look some bitfrost.dll files etc :smiley: Just randomly read somewhere it could have something to do with shift account linking and it was.

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Good to know!

As someone who was linked, had a verified email address etc. none of the steps have resolved the issue and so a ticket has been submitted.

Sadly, I was active in the game less that 12 hours ago creating some mules and shifting gear from my bank, then starting TVHM with my characters who just unlocked MM in NVHM.

I suspect there has been some preliminary updating ahead of tomorrow’s DLC release and likely Patch. At this rate I hope I’m able to play sometime in the near future.

So much for leveling my characters up…

I updated my SHIFT account with email and password and verified it, but the problem remains. Game won’t start, even with steam offline mode.
Steam online mode :

Steam offline mode :

Edit: I’ve been having this kind of issues since about 3 or 4 days. It was “solved” by using offline mode in steam prior to the new DLC launch. Since Krieg’s DLC launch, nothing works, those screens are from post launch Krieg’s DLC.

Basically you will probably have to go online post update and launch the game with your shift account linked. That fixed it for me.