Borderlands Crashes at launch

Whenever I try to launch the game it immediately crashes and I really don’t know what to do. The drivers of the video card are updated to the last available version 441.41. Please can anyone help me? I cannot even launch the game anymore :frowning: Borderlands%203%20issue|633x500

Try validating the game.

What do you mean?

1: click on the 3 lines on the top left
2. goto library
3. goto b3
4. click on 3 dots next to game size

Got it but nothing changed :frowning:

that was my best salution. maybe someone here can think of something better.

I had it working then it did an update, While I was offshore working and it took like 8 hours to download, said something about direct x12 did that. updated drivers (all of them) nothing, uninstalled and reinstalled (at home with faster internet) still the error sending crash message which no one looks at…
This online connecting to my game I paid for ■■■■ is the end I won’t do it again. Its solitaire from now on…