Borderlands Crashes Breaking Consoles?

I tried doing some runs on the Cartel event but my game froze every time. Two times I was in Ascension Bluff and the third time I was at the Cartel Mansion. I do recall changing the mayhem level from 1 to 2 and re-rolling the modifiers a few times. I tried dashboarding so I could close and restart the game but the dashboard was grayed out and unresponsive and forced me to hard restart my Xbox One X each time. This all happened about an hour before this post was made and the console will power on but not actually start up before turning itself off again. I’ve tried messing with the power cables and nothing has helped so far. Has this happened to anyone of y’all too? Or has GBX said anything about this?


The same thing happens to me, but post the topic in the wrong place.

Never mind.

The same thing happens to me and it is extremely annoying.

I would think that Xbox has built in safety measures that prevent being damaged by games which is why it crashes back to dash before frying your board.

However it can’t be good for any hardware to consistently attempt running software that it can’t handle.

It just sounds bad to me.
When mine crashes the audio studders for a good 10 seconds.
ANyone else?