Borderlands Creative Director Reflects on the game

So. Lots of self patting on the back here IMO. States 3 goals they had and strived for and talks about how well they implemented changes to the game to hit those goals. Thought that part was pretty cringe.
The parts that really irked me was when he said:
“Whether it’s a narrative premise or a new gameplay hook, we’ve always been able to make our ideas work within the context of the universe.”

Like blowing away the canon?

“Maybe our biggest free addition, though, was the PlayStation 5 upgrade that launched last November, right alongside the console itself. If you own a PlayStation 5 and a copy of Borderlands 3 for PS4, you can download the next-gen upgrade for free”

That was the biggest free addition to the game, in his eyes?

“Yes, a few updates saw us remove power from over-performing gear or skills, but far more often, we buffed gear and characters.”

Not sure if true.

“That first goal is the most straightforward of the three. Nearly every single week since launch (up to and including this week), we’ve released a hotfix to adjust the content that’s already available. We’ve also added numerous quality of life improvements, such as more backpack and bank space, expanded ammo storage, and performance and UI improvements. In effort to be transparent, update notes are always available on”

This dude says they listen to the fans yet some of the most prolific issues in this game remain unresolved, UI wise and performance wise.
This article comes off, to me, as a dude with more money that he knows what to do with, telling himself the team did a great job, creatively and developmentally.
I don’t know that I agree with him.

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how do you access any of this stuff? the new missions such as raid boss and the reroll machine are there, but I can’t figure out how to access vault cards or this other content.

No idea, seen some other threads with other people saying that there’s ps4/ps5 specific patches? And if you used a ps4 copy to upgrade to ps5 you need to select the ps5 patch? Maybe?
No idea I’m a PC creature.

It’s a tab in your menu, the right most one, after the Events (Cartel etc.) tab.

guess I got screwed. on the ps4 it’s not there.

I’d make sure to check that you downloaded both DLC6 and game patch/update. Also, there is a 4/8 hotfix as well :slight_smile:

Edit: New quest from Ava is in her room.

There’s a hotfix on patch day? Good lord.

Quick change machines in Takedowns were labeled as “last minute addition” in release notes. These probably did not make into patch. I don’t know - I tend to be “glass half full” with Borderlands.

yeah, I guess I hadn’t downloaded the directors cut separately. when I got online there was a 4GB update which I thought was the DLC since I had the season pass. And then when I saw the raid boss and eva missions I figured it was there. Downloading it now.

What I’m really mad about is that everything was working fine and then boom Bounty of blood hit and: UI scaling gone.

Don’t ■■■■ up already existing features. Or at least if you mess them up, fix them ASAP.

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Bruh mans said they’ve been listening to the community and fixing the game on a weekly basis.
my booty man, my booty.

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Yeah, they did some fixing however I would really not count fixing individual weapons “fixes”.
Those are small adjustments. I mean do you really count or do math when firing the weapon that it doesn’t do proper damage? I Don’t.

And most of the time the patchlist went like:
-Adjusted Tediore legendary weapon 1 reload speed +5%
-Decreased anoitment roll for Dahl purple weapon 3
-Increased cost of weapon trinket by 1 eridium

These are just gimmick to say “see, we did updated the stuff”

Its like:
“Please sir, perform gpupdate /force”.


i read this yesterday myself and yeah
it sounds like he is happy with what they have done so far
but honestly bringing a game to a playable state after release doesnt deserve any gratitude, they sold a broken game that for many was 100% unplayable

aside from that they dont communicate with the community anything, if they where and i rly do this now
they would do it like riot games…
riot games if they do some of the ■■■■ has a big post about it, say what the community liked and what not, then they talk about all the changes they want to do because of that. and then they keep talking about it every few months

gbx doesnt say anything exept,
we hear you. what they hear you will never find out

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My latin is a little rusty when he said “community” is that latin for streamers?


im laughing my ass off over here, stap


“Fixing the game on a weekly basis”

Didnt they stop doing weekly hot fixes around September/October of last year? Plus havent majority of them simply been buffs to gear and skills that were utterly destroyed by Gearbox’s halfassed implementation of Mayhem 2.0?

Lol what a guy