Borderlands Critism

Grit is to much RNG to me. Even with classmod Boost. I Want Full Control over my character. Imo is Maya the Best Balanced character in BL2 and that Even without Gamebreaking Skills. And the easiest to get to Endgame is for me Clearly Salvador, Period. He is nearly Invincible with a Grog nozzle or a Rubi.

Every character is nearly invincible with a Rubi or Grog. Sal can abuse Moxxi like no one else is what your saying. Take away the Moxxi abuse and he won’t be invincible anymore.


that person you mentioned that rymed with garoo. Is not the one you wanna be watching to see axton tear through everything. Theres so many good axton videos on the internet. ANd i think his turret and the fact hes the explosion master definetly defines him. When i think of an explosive build. I think axton

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Of Course im Not ONLY watching him. But i dont know witch youtuber or twitcher i am allowed to Talk about here.

Ok well keep looking. Cause youll see that he is the explosive character. And there’s some awesome videos of him out there destroying bosses and raid bosses with some really good explosive weapons and builds. And another thing that defines him is he is good with assault rifles.

I’ve said Bahroo’s and Goth’s names in multiple posts before. Basically, just don’t strut around telling people that Bahroo is the all-knowing Borderlands god and you’ll be fine

When i say this i would totally lie. :wink:

There aren’t any youtubers that are banned from being mentioned. I’m not sure why I keep seeing people say this.
The only thing we don’t want are personal comments, or arguments about YouTube drama. Which was a fairly frequent happening some time ago.

But, there is nothing saying you can’t say someone’s name here. No reason to tippy toe around it witg rhyming words.

Oh ok thanks for the Information :slight_smile:

nope, nope, nope, this is incorrect. Sal is the ultimate skill character, why do you think so many people choose him. ;-p (I am a sal player, with penultimate skills)

Learn something useful every day. I knew the mechanic was different, but did not know this. Thanks!

I’ll just answer a few points from here if I may:

  1. Yes, agree. Bit like Craw from BL1 :wink:

  2. This mechanic appeared in BL1 but for some reason they decided to remove it in BL2. It wasn’t restricted to UB enemies, though, but basically you had a chance to get the weapon the enemy was shooting you with. In BL2, I think it just randomly generates something after the character dies. Would be good to see it come back

  3. Again, this was present in BL1 but I’ve never seen a Legendary in a Vending Machine in BL2 (apart for Torgue machines, of course). They weren’t very common, but not once-every-500-hours-rare, either.

  4. Disagree. I think the chance to get Legendaries / Pearls should be the same everywhere, with perhaps an increased chance from higher-grade loot chests and higher enemies (e.g. Ultimate Badasses) and a significantly higher chance from Raid bosses with their dedicated loot pools. Again, this was seen in BL1 but GBX decided to move away from it.

  5. Interesting idea, but I’d add that LLMs should never drop Whites and only rarely (if ever) drop Greens. Make their lowest drops Blue at least. They are called Legendary for a reason. Let them always drop one or two items of high end loot, not necessarily Legendary, but if they are present then you should have a chance for a decent reward. They should be in those chests / lockers protecting something, shouldn’t they?

  6. Links to above

  7. Can see where you are coming from but don’t think I’d agree. A big boss is tough enough to kill that it should be dropping decent loot every time. Like Craw in BL1. It didn’t matter how you did it and you wouldn’t know what you would get until it was over, but you were almost guaranteed to get something and sometimes it felt like Orange rain. Ah, good times.

  8. Don’t own TPS so can’t comment!

  9. See I don’t understand why the run needs to be timed at all. You’ve battled your way through and killed the boss: why not reap the rewards? And I agree there should be no limit on how often you can do it. There are so many weapons in this game, why not give everyone a chance to find great gear, not just the ones who play it 24/7? I still farm Knoxx now after six years’playing and still get a rush when I open a chest to find that perfect Ogre…


I think (emphasis on think) that any held gun with green or higher rarity will always drop. Because bosses with unique guns always drop their gun, so I think it’s guaranteed for non-white guns.

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Do you know, I was tempted to put Equalizers in there originally?! :smile:

Yes, I’ve never quite understood why they dropped that feature. I always find it really weird when a guy’s shooting me with an Acid weapon and I’m slowly melting, yet after I kill him he drops some crappy white non elemental pistol :persevere: