Borderlands crossword puzzle

Covers all the games released thus far (excluding Borderlands Legends). I tried to get a wide range of difficulty with the clues and answers so some should be super easy while others should be more obscure

Have fun!


If anyone gets #20 without having to look it up I will be EXTREMELY impressed

also #13 is from 1960, not the 50s like its clue says

Damnit, I love that skit and have it saved but I can’t think of his name for the life of me.

“So have you guys considered putting in any motion controls?”
-“Oh motion controls huh, like this?”
-chokes with wired controller
-“Shhh sshhshhhhh.”

Now I’m going to have to be stubborn and agonize over this while I refuse to look it up.

This looks very well done, looking forward to printing this out! Fingers crossed there’s some Claptrap Web Series trivia in here!

There isn’t unfortunately :cry:

the answers

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