Borderlands decided to delete a character for no reason

I recently deleted borderlands 2 from my computer, and in the same day, reinstalled it. Unfortunately, when I launched the game again, my OP8 character had lost significant progress and was reverted to an OP3 state. It showed that the character hadn’t been touched in a long time. It showed that the last day it was played on was 8/4/18, which is more than 9 months ago. If anyone can help with this issue, I will be very grateful.

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Are you, or have you in the past, used the backup feature in Steam? Also, how did you delete BL2? Did you just delete the entire folder from the hard drive?

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Cloud backup should be on by default

…unless something (AV?) was somehow halting the sync. As soon as you close the game, when you hover over the Steam icon in the tray it will show “Steam synchronizing” and the entire profile folder will be uploaded in seconds.

I get sync issues occasionally if I sleep the computer several times in a day - but Steam will always prompt me (oops - didn’t sync properly - do you want to play from the PC save or the cloud save ----something like that).

From what I can tell, you’re out of luck. I always manually back up my profile folder every few weeks (more if I’m doing something “important”). I hate to recommend a Steam ticket, but they’d be the ones to help.

Paging @rja and @Adabiviak for more input.

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This does smell like an old Steam sync… if cloud sync was turned off when OP was around OP3, reinstalling the game likely turned cloud sync back on, and spun those old saves back up (which I suppose is better than nothing).

@ham, if you go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs (or whatever drive letter you have Steam installed in), look for cloud_log.txt. That file has entries for all these Steam cloud syncs, and you’ll probably see your BL2 entries being uploaded recently. :confused:

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Your saved games are not stored in the Steam folder, so deleting BL2 doesn’t delete the saved games.

Unless you have moved your Documents folder to a different place, look in your “C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\my games\borderlands 2\willowgame\savedata” folder for a folder with an unique 17 digit name. If others have logged into Steam, then they will have their own unique 17 digit name, but usually there will only be one of them. Your saved games will be in there. There will be backups of your games which may not have been overwritten yet. They will have the .bak extension. If you have re-selected the same character twice, then it will have been overwritten.

If you have any software that automatically backs up your C: drive, then a copy may be found in those backups.

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