Borderlands dlc: coloruprise

Tannis send a video and sent the player to come see her because she found something interesting, so the player went to Pandora to see her and Ava. When the player arrives where Tannis is at, she explains that she found Maya’s book that there’s 6 magical gems, and Tannis said that if we get 6 magical gems together, they could bring back Maya. But before they talked more about 6 magical gems, they’re corrupted shadow robots and their general called "General Skaar ‘’. So the player along with Tannis fight the corrupted shadow robots and face General Skaar (the first boss battle in this DLC), after you defeat General Skaar, he tells the player, Ava, and Tannis that HE is coming and dead. After that, Tannis finger out that 2 gems are on each 2 planets and the last two are on one planet each. Claptrap arrives to help because he also missed Maya, he even has made his own battle mech.

The player, Claptrap, Ava, and Tannis arrive Prometha, you meet Zer0 and Rhys at the tower, they told Rhys that they’re trying to find 6 gems, Rhys agree to help and Zer0 agree too, because he fought side by side Maya as her close friend. After the talk, a plane arriving and coming out of that was Foina and Loader Bot with the box (at the end of tale of Borderlands). Fiona talked to Rhys before meeting the player. Foina opens a box to reveal a purple gem but before Tannis was about to hold onto it, it was taken by a purple winged creature bot. The mission is Player and Zer0 chasing the purple winged creature bot and fighting against shadow bots on the way. When the player and Zer0 confront the winged creature bot, he introduces himself and says his name is “saKkio” and fights against him in the second boss battle. When you defeat Sakkio, he turns into dust after he says “You……will….never…stop….HIM”. When the player gets back to Rhys’s tower and gives the purple gem to Tannis, Zer0 tells all of them that the Sakkio mentions HIM, they don’t know who HIM is. Before they know more about HIM, Fiona finds the green gem and shows them the green spot on the map on the screen. Player and Zer0 follow the yellow spot, but on the way, you might see a blue and black cyborg with fire and lighting called “Carlos the Cyborg”, he’s there because Rhys called him to help them, but is confronted by a masked person and fight him in a third boss battle. After the Masked Person is defeated, he teleports away, Zer0 doesn’t know who he was, Carlos thinks it’s just that atlas hater that whats to put up a fight. When player Zer0, and Carlos arrive at the green spot, the plane was all webbed and 6 Altas troopers were webbed, some of them have legs broken off and some of them have their faces melted off. Then they confronted the 4th boss, called “Loicsios” a giant green bug robot with a army of green spider liked bots. After defeat Loicsios, He told them and players that HE is coming before turns to dust. After coming back to Rhys tower, Rhys thanks the player, and Zer0 decides to join the player, Ava, Tannis, and Claptrap for the next planet.

They went to Eden-6 next. They meet Sir Hammerlock, Wainwright Jakobs, Gaige, Clay, and cowgirl from Bounty of blood. They also knew about the 6 magicals gems, but there’s two problems, they don’t know where the 2 gems are and there’s a war with mutant hybrid cyborg snakes. Zer0 tells them that they’re going to find it, Gaige joins them too. Tannis shows Value hunter where the 3rd gem is at, they’re gone there before confronting a female yellow robot named “Loisa Tuckoll’’, she’s there to claim the yellow gem because HE told her to get it. She escaped and left the big Brawler with a cannon on his back named “Cannonback’’. Cannonback is the 5th boss battle. After putting Cannonback down, they find a tracking device that can lead to Loisa, they follow the track until they find her. Value hunter, Zer0, Gaige faces Loisa Tuckoll for the 6th boss. After defeating Loisa, Value hunter claimed the gem before Loisa said “Sorry for falling for you.” before turning to dust. Value Hunter got back to Tannis and gave her the yellow gem, after that, Ava said something cringe and Gaige roasted her. Sir Hammerlock told the player that someone from an old house what’s to meet them, Claptrap joins the Value hunter, Zer0, and Gaige because he wants to defend them during the mission. When they arrived at the old house, they met a beautiful hag named “Aakua ‘’, she told them that the orange gem is destroyed, but she could remake a new orange gem, because she found spells from mutant snake’s kingdom. The next mission is to defend Aakua with Zer0, Gaige, Claptrap from armies of Mutant snakes while Aauka makes the new orange gem. After the wave of Mutant Snakes are defeated, Aauka completes making the new orange gem, gives it to Value hunter, and teleports Value hunter, Zer0, Gaige, and Claptrap back to Sir Hammerlock and his crew. Before Value Hunter gives the orange gems to Tannis, they saw the army of mutant snakes, Sir Hammerlock told Value Hunter to give the gems to him because he will keep it safe. When the Army of Mutant Snakes, they meet the leader of mutant Snakes, Emperor Znake. Emperor Znake and his army of mutant snake are there because he was angry at Sir Hammerlock and Wainwright Jackobs for stealing his jar of magical poison of Znake’s father when the last time when they met. The army of mutant snakes took Tannis, Gaige, Sir Hammerlock, Wainwright, and Clay, Ava tried to hit Emperor Znake but got a face slap by Emperor Znake. Cowgirl, Zer0, Claptrap escape the Mutant snakes and join Value hunters to fight against Emperor Znake. Emperor Znake sends 3 waves of army of Mutants Snakes to attack Value Hunter, Zer0, Cowgirl, and Claptrap, when that fails, He sends his brawler bodyguard, named “Kobax” (the 7th boss battle of dlc). After Kobax is killed, Emperor Znake decides to killed them by himself, before he can do that, Sir Hammerlock told him that they did it because they’re trying to bring back Maya, Emperor Znake was in shocked and felt in guilt, Emperor Znake told Sir Hammerlock that Maya save his tribe from Handsome Jack’s robot. Emperor Znake decides to become allies with Sir Hammerlock, let’s go everyone, and spare they’re life. After Sir Hammerlock gives Tannis the orange gems, Gaige decides to join Tannis to bring back Maya, Sir Hammerlock, Wainwright Jakobs, Clay, Cowgirl, and Emperor Znake wish them luck.

Next, they arrived at Athenas. When they arrive, there’s fire at buildings, a heavy thunderstorm, and rock hitting homes, Value Hunter’s next mission alongside Zer0, Claptrap, and Gaige is to destroy all elemental beasts in sight. After Value Hunter kills Elemental beast, they meet Axton and Salvador, they’re there to find Maya, Tannis tells that Maya died, they feel heartbroken, but Tannis tells them that there’s another way and Axton and Salvador agree to help, because they’re part of Maya’s team. When the talk is over, they try to find new members of Axton’s team, the members are blue and gray hooded ninja named “Hanji” and Green haired girl with staff name “Lucy Lolo”. After meeting two new members, a red samurai robot named “Kaizi”, along with a blue robotic shark with robot claws named “Sharoi” and shadow robots, arrives at Athenas, attempting to capture them. After Value, Zer0, Axton, Salvador, Gaige, and the rest of the group defeated all shadow robots, they faced Sharoi (8th boss for this DLC), Sharoi makes a flood before the fight. After Sharoi is defeated, Sharoi crawls to Tannis, only to get crushed by Tannis, killing Sharoi and turning to dust. Kaizi looks at his dead brother, gets angered by them and retreats, Axton wonders who those robots are and what they are doing, Tannis doesn’t know, not even vault hunters don’t know too. Before they talked more about those robots, they spot an earth monster and face it (as 9th boss for this DLC), after Earth Monster is killed, more waves of elemental beast come. After value hunters, and the rest of the group killed wave elemental beast, they faced Water monster and Air monster (for 10th boss for this DLC). After they are destroyed, the monks thank the Value hunter and the group and give them the map to the red magical gem. The next mission is to follow the map to the tomb of the red gem with the rest of the group while fighting against psycho. When they arrived at the tomb, Tannis was about to claim the red gem, but was guarded by Fire monster (11th boss for this DLC). after Fire monster is killed, they confronted by Kaizi, but before Kaizi about to attack Value Hunter and group, Hanzi defended the group and have sword duel with Kaizi, Kaizi overpowered Hanzi and about to kill him but Tannis saved Hanzi by using her siren powers against Kaizi and Kaizi repeated again. They claim the red gem, Axton and Salvador decide to join the group, and Hanji and Lucy Lolo decide to defend Athena while they’re gone.

The last planet they go to is Pandora. They meet Team B, Tiny Tina, Brick, and Moredaci, they were excited to see Value hunter again and can’t wait to see Maya again because Tannis tells them that they’re finding 6 magical gems. The mission is to find Kreig because He’s important, when value hunter arrives where’s Kreig at, he’s not there and got ambush by shadow robots and orange cloaked robot named “Mbembe”, he’s there to take blue gem to HIM and try to killed by letting Shadow robots to defeat value hunter and Mbembe will finish Value hunter when Value hunter’s down. Before Mbembe went through the portal, he said to the value hunter “Freedom must be taken, I’ll take away your’s”. Before shadow robots can attack value hunters, value hunters were saved by Kreig and helped value hunters fight against shadow robots. After the fight, Kreig comes with the value hunter back to the base to meet Zer0, Gaige, Axton, base B, Tannis, Claptrap, and Ava. When Tiny Tina saw Kreig, she ran towards him, and hugged him with happiness. Kreig felt happiness for the first time sense he first met Maya. After Kreig meets everyone again , Ava was to tell Kreig the bad news but Zer0 covered her mouth. The next mission is finding the blue gem with Zer0, Brick, Moredaci, Tiny Tina, Kreig while Tannis, Axton, and Salvador defend the base. When they find a “blue gem”, they finger out its fake, it disappears, Mbembe appears again, laughing at them for being idiots. Krieg tries to defend them again but Mbembe outsmarts him by telling him that Maya has died and it was Ava’s fault, Kreig was heartbroken and angry, then he snapped. Kreig went on rampage, before vault hunters could chase him down, Mbembe used an orange spell, then a giant sand worm came out of the ground, Mbembe disappeared while facing Giant sand worm (the 12th boss for this DLC). After Vault hunter and Base B killed giant sand worm, they went back to base on the bad news, everyone was worried, Ava felt scared because She started to realise that She was the reason that Maya died and Kreig is coming for her and killed her. The next mission was to find Kreig, on the way, you fight against Psycho with glowing orange eyes (because Mbembe is mind controlling them). When value hunters found him, Kreig got even crazier and the value hunter needed to fight Kreig (the 13th boss battle for this DLC). After defeating Kreig, Tiny Tina rushed to stop the value hunter from killing him and she’ll help him calm down. When Tiny TIna confronts Kreig, she says that she can’t save Ronald but this time they can save Maya. Kreig finally calms down and hugs Tiny Tina while crying with tears. When they went back to the base, Ava said to Kreig that she was sorry for everything, Kreig accepted her apology, next the group finger out where the blue gem is, Kreig fingers out that it’s in the tomb. Value hunter, Kreig, and rest of the group tomb while fighting shadow robots. When they arrive at tomb and found blue gem, they confront Mbembe and Kaizi, Kaizi is there because he didn’t finish Vault Hunter off in Athena, he wants finish value hunter this time so that HE will be proud of him and then they face dio of Mbembe and Kaizi (the 14th boss battle of DLC). After the battle, Kaizi felt like a failure while turning dust, Mbeme is not turning dust because he’s strength is at Troy and Tyeen’s strength, he overpower the whole group and value hunter. Tiny Tina tries to finish Mbembe, but he grabs her throat and about to kill her, but Kreig stabs Mbembe while saying “Stay Away From Tiny Tina, You Ulgy Freak” and slashes Mbembe in half, killing him. Kreig gives the blue gem to Tannis, Tannis needs to go to the tomb with a symbol to make the spell work, but Kreig says that we’re here, she doesn’t know until she spots a symbol on the floor and understands Kreig now. Tannis puts 6 magical gems around the symbol on floor, Ava and Tannis uses their powers to bring her back, but a purple portal, it’s was HIM that the robots were talking about, a Black armored fearsome warrior named “Lord Sinhadow” aka Lord of Shadow. Rest of group and Value hunter try to dendeing the sirens, but Lord Sinshadow defeated each every single one of group, even value hunter, then Lord Sinhadow defeat Tannis and Ava and the six magical gems then wait back to portal. Tannis and the rest group were feeling worried and guilty for not stopping lord of shadow from taking the 6 magical gems, Ava sees the symbol on the floor glowing, the half of magic from magical gems worked before Lord Sinhadow, Ava realizes what she needs to do. With looking back on all of her memories of Maya one last time, Ava sacrifices herself to save Maya, Ava is now ashes.

Maya woke up from her slumber and stood up, Zer0 at Maya and she looked back, they ran towards each other and hugged while crying, this was the first time that Zero cried. Kreig also ran towards them, hugging and crying too. After Zer0 and Krieg are done hugging her, Axton, Salvador, Gaige, Team B, Tiny Tina show emotion by hugging Maya while crying because they missed her so much. After a emotion scene, Maya asked them if Ava is okay, Zer0 told her that she sacrifice herself to bring her back, Maya remembers that she sacrifice herself for saving Ava, and tell the ash “Thank you for everything for me” and put Ava’s ash in her jar that Axton give her to remember her. Tannis gives the book back to Maya and Maya thanks the value hunter for helping bring her back to life. Everyone told her what happen, Maya realize that Lord Sinhadow is free, she run to outside, rest of group even Value hunter run to outside too, when they get to outside, Maya was in shocked because she see a small portal, rest of group thought that it’s okay, Maya explains that it’ll get worse each month, and she was guardian of gate of shadow realm, Tannis ask Maya why she didn’t asked Ava, Maya reply that Ava wasn’t ready to guard the gate of portal, then Maya asked Tannis if Litith is still here, Tannis reply that she’s not and Tannis is trying find her. Maya was thinking about what can they do, Maya made a speech that there’s still hope and there could be a way to find Litith and stop Lord Sinhadow and his empire, everyone cheered for Maya as the new leader. THE END of chapter.
Post credit: Lord of shadow found a young man in junkyard, he give the young man a orb, he told him to drink it, Young man drink the orb. After he drink it, he feels pain stomach, then start transform into a monster (he can see it obly the shadow), after young man transfrom into a monster, Lord pf Shadow told him that his bodyguard now.

Also, if what do tell me question about this idea, I’ll answer your question


Lot of effort in there, well done!

I quite liked the beginning of it, tbh, started off quite promising. After it got way too complicated and I lost the thread a bit. It seems more story for a full game than a DLC!


Well, you put a lot of effort into it. So, you get a point in my book (respect).

Don’t think this can be a DLC- (the amount of content included would require at least a terrabyte of storage space) but would make more sense if it we’re a spin-off like BLTPS.

You’d need a team of artists, programers, soundtrack designers, voice actors, animators, special effect technicians, writers (enough to build your own mercenary army) and several millions of :moneybag: in the budget (unless you ditch the overpriced graphics engine and go with a simpler one- no effect on gameplay. Graphics are overrated anyway) and at least three to five years of work.

Since Krieg is also mentioned in your sceenario- why isn’t there any death metal included?!
I mean, it’s a match made in Hell! :fire:
Put some Cannibal Corpse, Slipknot, Slayer or The Exploited tunes in there. Play “Down With The Sickness” when Krieg snaps and you’ll have a Reign In Blood :metal:

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Death metal will be part to this (if I make it)

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