Borderlands DLC/Gameplay Mechanic Idea

I recently have finished the story of Borderlands 3 and loved all of the new and interesting enemies they added to the game. I was theorizing about a game mode or DLC package where you played as the enemy and tried to kill your friends. I realize that this may not get of popularity playing with “randoms,” But my friends and I have always loved the idea of elongated head to head battles with each of us picking a side. That being said, I do still love the duel mode, but it can be a bit tiring when your friend plays the siren and uses her special and then one hits you with a shot gun. I also am aware of the competitive mode where you and your friends compete for loot, but it still doesn’t quite satisfy my thirst for unbridled rivalry and combat, but the main reason I would vouch/pay extra money for this game mode is the ability for one being able to "play’ or at least experience loads of new strategic ways to fight whilst playing the PCs, but also being able to learn about each enemies quirks or abilities and being able to use them in a fun and unique way. One example of an enemy where this would apply is the Maliwan Valkyrie. One of her abilities is to rain a barrage of energy bolts from the sky aiming at the player, but she aims for where you are rather than where you are going to be, so it is easy to just run to the right or left of her and avoid her attack altogether, but having a player behind the shots might make you have to pay just a little bit more attention. Or a long shot COV that ducks behind regularly and more frequently changes positions. If this were a game mode I would imagine one of two ways. One way is where there is an already made encounter(such as the campaign or any of the circles of slaughter etc.) and you can “possess” one of the enemies, or two to have a buy your character screen, and you gain points for dealing damage to the vault hunter in a circle of slaughter or you can just pick any available “spawn door” from spectator mode and play as whatever character you picked coming out of said spawn point. That being said, programming a “move set” for each enemy in the game could be very challenging, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gearbox and all the games they make. If any DEV or moderator reads this, I thank you for taking the time to hear my idea and I look forward to anything else you plan to add to the game!

It is an interesting concept being able to pick to play as any enemy in the game with their various abilities/attacks I guess it would have to be an arena type thing for it to work maybe like a PvP matchup arena where you can choose your character be it a vault hunter or enemy type. The problem with that however is that then they would have to stat and skill build for PvP as in like a completely different game as this is more of a PvE Co-Op experience.

It is pretty obvious that one of the 4 ‘Campaign’ DLC for this game is going to be regarding Rhys’s thieving con artist female companion from Tales from the Borderlands but other than that I don’t know what the DLC could be.

I would like to see the 4 Head Hunter type DLC return for Merc Day, Thanksgiving, Valentines and Halloween but it seems drastically unlikely as they seem to prefer temporary event type stuff instead…

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