Borderlands during and after TftBL - SPOILERS

(Matrixneo42) #1


First off. Wow! Great game and story guys.

Don’t read the rest unless you’ve played season 1 (episodes 1 through 5) of Tales from the Borderlands.

Finally, the destruction of Helios! I did not expect that. Ever since BL2 people wanted to have a DLC to get on board and destroy that thing. Hyperion definitely took a beating there. But I think have other people in the universe. Not sure.

Scooter was a sad scene. I kept hoping there was a way to save him.

The vault of the Traveler. Very cool. I actually have a feeling that they’ll use this vault to reach all the other vaults in BL3.

HoloJack’s fate? I wonder if he’ll always be a part of Rhys now. For instance, if they make Rhys a playable vault hunter in BL3, using Jack could be his action skill. Or maybe Jack shows up and talks to you sometimes.

Looking forward to more Borderlands in any form!

(Is this thing on?) #2

It wouldn’t make sense to have HJ around Rhys still, since you had the option of crushing the eye implant and all the other cybernetic pieces got left behind in the ruin. I’d actually hate it if they tried to resurrect HJ after all that; time for a new villain!