Borderlands Enhanced Edition - Expectations vs Reality

This is a collection of my thoughts on the Borderlands Remaster. I’m trying to start a discussion of what people love and didn’t love about the new version.

Borderlands was the first video game I played, way back when my brother would come home from college for a holiday and we would take turns sniping skags with a revolver on his laptop, and since then I’ve poured one thousand hours into this game. Naturally, when I heard a Remaster was coming down, I was insanely hyped.

(√ means this is a change which happened, :frowning: means it didn’t, and ? means I don’t know)

Here were my first thoughts and expectations for a remaster:
Improved graphics! (√)
FOV slider (√)
Fixing all the weapon rarities and names (√, except for the Plague :frowning: )
Reset-able playthrough a la BL2’s (infinite end-game playthroughs for one character) ( :frowning: )

My secondary thoughts and expectations:
Second-winding off Crawmerax! ( :frowning: )
Not crashing from too much Craw loot (√)
Skills and items working as described (Sting Like a Bee, Mordecai’s Bloodwing Cooldown CoM passive, etc) (?)
A reworked main menu similar to BL2’s that would place character selection on the main screen ( :frowning: )

Things which never occurred to me:
New “Legendary” weapons which are overpowered and drop so effing regularly they may as well be white rarity
High-quality, extremely rare loot disappearing from imported save files
Sick character customizations that are freaking cool looking

So that’s all my expectations and reactions, what parts of the Enhanced edition let you down, and which parts made you wet yourself with excitement? “That Steele chick take her clothes off yet? I need the details, though!”

Edit: I screwed up my Scooter quote I’m such a newb

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