Borderlands: Enhanced Edition - your thoughts

After BL3 launched, Do you guys think Gearbox should release EE of Borderlands 1 and 2, using the updated engine and updated mechanics of BL3? When I say “updated mechanics,” I’m not talking about the added content, like new weapons or vehicles or components/firing modes, or even the way the new skill trees work. Those things should remain exclusive to BL3 to make it it’s own game.

I’m talking about things like the instanced loot and scaling enemies/loot to your lvl, regardless the lvl of other players - quality of life fixes like that. Aside from that, apply UE4 to update the visuals/post processing effects, etc. and perhaps update the UI.

Do you think this is a viable idea? If Gearbox did this, would you buy them?

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I don’t think I would buy it. Not many changes, but You need to farm loot from the start. I spent too many hours into normal ones.


Well, seeing as BL1 recently got a Remaster and I hardly touch it now, no.

BL1: EE wasn’t a great sale for people with hundreds of hours in BL1, but it is great for first timers or people returning to the game after not touching it for years.

The more time I put into a static game, the more used I get to it staying that way. At this point I just want the guns to look the way I’ve grown to like them(Hyperion mat3, Vladof mat2/3, Jakobs mat2/3, all the S&S mats; why do these all look worse?), I don’t want to see three of the locked-parts new “legendaries” every Craw kill, the new mission waypoint is unnecessary, and I really don’t want to use the new backpack UI.

Minimap lags, but whatever because I can turn it off.
Minibosses giving purples is fun, but I think it breaks the player power-curve.
The buffed Hyperion Giftshop is fun for some people, personally it feels like cheating to me and some others.
Dove has more fixed parts. I probably never will farm for a Dove/Hornet hybrid, but if I ever want to then I can only do it in the original game.

For the Enhanced Edition being as much of a BL1 remaster as we’ll ever get, there are plenty of bugs/issues left unfixed.
The “viral” missions can still spread and get stuck in your mission logs. Bitch still unconfirmed to deal its intended bonus critical damage, along with about 5 other unfixed unique/legendary guns.
No repeatable playthrough 2.
No fast travel points in DLCs. I think this is due to technical issues.

The further down that^ list you read, the weaker and pettier the complaints get. But this is the remaster we got and it hasn’t sold me on future attempts.

tl;dr I’m a grumpy ■■■■ and 910 hours of BL1 have got me used to BL1 being a certain way and the remaster ain’t that way. The remaster added things I dislike or don’t care about, and didn’t fix every single little speck of dirt I didn’t like.

I’m going to miss the combat in the remaster though, they did that much better. However, I feel like having my bullets warp through enemies is worth the things I value in the original game.


Well said bill. I might play the remaster at some point if it’s absolutely convenient, just for shiggles,. But likely not. It’s such a fail to me on so many levels. Like how did they botch it so badly? Christ, you guys only had 10 freaking years to take notes.


While I don’t agree with every BL1 enhanced gripe, from someone who has most of their time invested in BL2, it’d be a hard pass from me as well. It feels like that game got way too many goddamn releases as is (even if none were "enhanced).

I think we can safely wait the better part of a decade before seeing a “remastered” version of it.


Nope. They did their jobs, time to let them rest in the background.

I’d LOVE to see that instanced loot and different enemy scaling relative to other players. I wouldn’t mind Guardian Rank replacing or adding to BL1 and BL2.

Currently BL2 UVHM is a pain for me and my buddy as we have to sync up our levels or deal with one player being way under powered. We both have multiple characters and play often when the other player isn’t online. So it can be weird in BL2 UVHM.

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Valid points. I wish they had fixed some of the issues in BL1. That said, I would love seeing certain features added.

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Yeah. I think that alone would make a lot of people get back into the older games. Couple it with a new patch to address bugs and add in the UE4 engine for an updated look, and you’re set.

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While there are a few changes to the BL1 EE I do like (such as the FOV slider, autopickup of ammo/cash, I do like the minimap, etc.) what’s got me grumbly about it are the bugs and performance issues that have not been fixed/patched. The quirky/buggy video modes, the audio issues, the game-breaking ‘memory leak’ freezing/stuttering that forces you to restart the game. I like how I can get a correctly-named Draco now, but there are a bunch of other broken gun issues introduced in the EE. The Gearbox legendaries are way too common of drops (should’ve left them out of Craw’s pool but leave them in Skagzilla’s if you really wanna farm for them.)

What I’ve mentioned before in another post was that, they should’ve taken the designs for those new legendaries, gave them unlocked parts when appropriate (keeping the Sucker Punch’s blade attachment etc), assigned them a pearl rarity, and cut them loose in the world drop pool and announced to players in the promos “Keep an eye out for NEW super-rare super-powerful Pearlescent gear! Happy hunting!”

While I didn’t mind the new backpack/vendor UIs at first, now they kinda annoy me. I think I prefer the old one with its more concentrated display.

And I really, really wanted the ability to reset your playthrough. Alas.

Anyway, yeah, hoping for a patch but I’m losing a little hope now. :expressionless:


no point, I was playing 2 last night 100% open to the public and not one person in 2 hours came into the game… didn’t have to worry at all about someone stealing my loot.

I don’t think it would be that simple. In the “Thank You” video one of the devs mentioned that when they switched to UE4 they had to throw out all they’d done before and relearn everything. The previous games used a heavily modified version of UE3, so it would not be as easy as simply clicking Import then Compile in UE4.


Xbox one players are playing BL2 and TPS all the time still. And there’s always a point to the player to player scaling thing. All you need is one friend for that. As for instanced loot and loot ninjas. Sure. But I prefer the modern option of instanced loot because then I don’t have to worry about it. I tell myself I probably won’t need or want to play TPS or BL2 or BL1 once BL3 comes out, but the past 3 months I just played the hell out of those. The more improvements they can make, IMO, the better.

I am on xbox, I have not had one preson jump into my public game in two weeks.

The last time I tried public matchmaking (before any of the recent updates/5th DLC) I ran in to the same problem - no matches showing at all. Never did get to the bottom of that.

The fact that now you have people with and without the 5th DLC probably doesn’t help either (since the version number of the game changed with the update)

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For me, it would depend on the fixes/updates that got done to those older games. As things stand right now I have some major issues with both of the first games after having played them so much.

  1. Clipping/Collision Fixes. My biggest issue with the previous games is there are a lot of level editing mistakes that I have run into. Most notable are the ramp by the turret in Thousand Cuts and the billboard you have to blow up to start the feud in the Dust. It sucks to be running along and get stick running in place because someone didn’t finish editing the level properly.

  2. Fast Travel Stations Added to major destination points. There are areas that should have gotten Fast Travel points once unlocked. Perfect Example is the area where Bunker is in BL2 or Finks Slaughter so you don’t have to travel twice. Or better yet broken up the levels in General Knoxx with more save/fast travel stations. All of that driving just became boring…it would have made more sense that after unlocking all of those areas if a Fast Travel system would have allowed you to get around faster. It was as if all the driving was added to just increase play time of the DLC. When all it did was piss off fans of the game.

If those things were fixed as well as quality of life improvements, upgrading the engine for the graphical enhancements, and some other minor tweaks I could see spending the cash for an Enhanced Edition. But if they are not going to fix issues that would improve the over all experience. Leave them alone.

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I never insisted on how simple or not simple it would be, I only asked if people would want it.

Again, it’s neither her nor there. However, part of what inspired me to think of this, were the Enhanced Editions of the old Baldur’s Gate/Icewind Dale games that Beamdog did. The original games are 20 years old, and despite much of the original source code being lost or damaged or non-compatible with new software/hardware and despite Beamdog needing to recreate upwards of 85% of the games code/assets from scratch, they still managed to do it.

And for what it’s worth, for the people who brought it up, I played public last night and had a full party join me.

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Hm, implied it, maybe?

Sounds pretty easy to me, if it’s put like that.

Point is, when asking if people would buy it, the price is a factor to consider. The amount of work Gearbox has to put into an enhanced edition of BL2 will be mirrored by how much the players will have to pay for it.

So getting a few new gimmicks and a better look for an older game may be nice, but if it costs the same, or nearly the same, as BL3, it’s going to rot on the shelves. At a bargain price, sure, people might pick it up.

So the amount of coding to be done is, in my opinion, relevant for the question:

At full price, I for one, would save my money for BL3, as I have a good enough version of BL2 already.

I would much prefer GB spending their time and $ on future BL3 content.