Borderlands Enhanced/remastered invetory UI horrid

theres quite a few improvements that I like for remastered:

  • auto pick up ammo/cash
  • mini map
  • faster loading

but there are also things gone backward and made it worse, such as inventory UI.

honestly people can argue that it looks better, looks is in the eye of beholder. however UI = user interface and a great interface would mean more efficient, the remastered UI is anything but efficient compared to the vanilla OG BL.

is it possible to mod this? maybe only the best modder would know if god knows we can get old inventory/bank UI back at this point. @Mr_GJ @NOLAftw @SleepMaster

I know you guys are super busy, do you mind sharing some thought with the new UI and if its fixable.

  1. Totally agree. “Remaster” is a UI/UX downgrade.
  2. Alas not fixable. You’re stuck with it.
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instant 0 hope, thanks for letting us know though.

What did they do? Turn it into bl2’s steaming pile of wtf? snicker

terrible GUI making it harder to sort through hundreds of guns