Borderlands eridium

Does anybody know of a good way to get alot of eridium at all if so message me GT SnubbyMontana08

Farm the warrior or dragons are the 2 best ways

as Derch says, those are the 2 best sources and if your not at a level to be able to do that, just ask their are a few (me included) that would be more then happy to help you farm for eridium

I switch down to normal mode and just farm those dragons :).

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How did you switch to normal mode with your character?

Just go to where you choose your character. When you choose one it will ask you what game mode you want to play. Unless you are still on Normal mode, obviously.

Ahh ok, I was just going to bring my lvl 50 zero to a normal and farm ha dome dragon. Damn thing is beast.

Offering up help if you aren’t leveled to farm for it, I can help you. GT is Vinterbris

Mercenary day chests also give good eridium…