Borderlands Events should be buy 2 play after event ends

Hi guys,
its kinda unpopular opinion, but i think after the event ends, there should be an opportunity to buy event maps/quests for like 2-3 Euro and it will unlock permanently map, weapons and all the stuff. So it could be like free time limited for example 2 weeks and then people who liked the event could buy that forever, there could be new tab similiair to Vault hunter modes, where you could turn on/off event stuff. Also there could be some restrictions, like you can only run one event at the time to prevent some exploits etc.
What do you think?

SInce there are a ton if us that cant even play the game or the event on Xbox without it crashing out every ten minutes I say NO. I’m not giving this company another dime of my money.

Indeed… With all those crashes and issues… Ps and pc can pay for it, but we have suffered enough… We need to get it for free :wink:

Make it a hotfix… that way offline will never get it. /s

I agee like to see all the events offered.

As long as its cheap, fine by me.

Yes, lets ask GB to charge us for more content that is already in the game…

Lmao, this playerbase insane!


The PS5 version (yay) has a toggle button to view all the events - so they will probably be selectable at some point in the game’s life.

Probably once they stop supporting the game with DLC.

I have seen a lot, of comments of people not wanting this to be sold from time to time.
As far as im concerned don’t want them don’t buy them. Don’t like them don’t play them. simple right?

no, no no. Just unlock them year round. No reason to give this company more money. especially when it’s just a on/off switch on their end.

Or, you know, they could just add it FOR FREE to the base game thorugh a repeatable quest that is not about delivering burgers, instead of charging for it, since it was already added to the game for, you know… free?

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